Keep in mind that these are screenshots of a game still under development, and include some placeholder graphics and a variety of elements that will be subject to change as work continues.

Technology Tree View

Saved Production Progress

Planetary Report Sorting

Inactive During Refit

Ashdar Super-dreadnought

Gremak Super-dreadnought

Orthin Super-dreadnought

Distortion Field Causes Miss

Magnate Arabo of the Phidi

Zoom In - Phidi

Mercenary Ships

Ocean World

Ashdar Imperials

Gienah Stargate

Ancient Stargate

Zoom Out - Huge Map

We've Got Star Harpies!

Star Harpy Scan

Harpies Attack!

Mineral Rich World

Pell Research

Enfi Slaves

Galactic Council Vote

Supreme Chancellor Elected

Admiral Carver

Yunki vs. Glitok

Orthin Trade Table

Who Are Marauders?

Trade Charter

Thresher Morale

Gremak Planetary Raid

Slaves Captured!

Main Menu

Faction Selection

New Colony

Planetary Report

Strategic Map

Phidi Scientist


Population Movement

Industrial Planet

Ship Designer

Pirate Broadside

Pirate Boarding

Reaction Fire

Pirate Terminated

Group Targeting

Reactor Detonated

Liberated Colony

Gas Giant Outpost

Trade Pool

Orthin Homeworld

Fleet Report

Range Limitations


Choose Production Menu

Planetary Invasion

Planet Conquered

Lab Construction

Game Updater

Officer Report

System Encounter

Edit Design

Damaging Hit

Ship Status

Distortion Field

Targeting Mode

Reactor Detonated


The following is video of the beta version of the game.

Gameplay Overview

Concept Artwork

You can see more Stars in Shadow developmental artwork at Arioch's DeviantArt gallery.





Planet Specials

Weapon Types



Finished Artwork

These are finished art assets as they appear in the game.

Alien Characters

More Alien Characters

Population Icons


Regular Planets

Gas Giants

Faction Homeworlds

Ancient Stargate

Colonial Ashdar Ships

Orthin Ships

Phidi Ships

Yoral Ships

Gremak Ships

Imperial Ashdar Ships

Human Ships


More to come!