Latest playthroughs, more feedback/bugs

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Latest playthroughs, more feedback/bugs

Postby Moriarty » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:29 pm

Still enjoying this game, some more bugs/feedback.
Version: 37981

* Protracted battle against a Tinker carrier. I'm now at the point where it's showing "Interceptor x -1" (yes, minus 1) for their carrier.

* Manual battle against the above carrier, it was whittling me down with its pd coilguns. It had *almost* killed the destroyer, but then switched to shooting the heavy cruiser instead, leaving the destroyer intact to keep shooting at it (after ~10 turns of shooting up just the destroyer).

* Harpies are showing -65535 crew.

* The phidi just begged me for 3000 cash. Except I can see they already have 5000 cash (embassy)!

* The blurb for the Pulse generator components is identical to that of the technology.

* Somehow the Phidi just initialised sending four large carrier fleets across the large ring galaxy. The "somehow" comes from the fact that there's no possible way they can reach there. It's 10 turns away and about 5 times further than their maximum radius. As in, I control half of the ring galaxy and they're going deep into the core of my empire - no non-me planet/outpost is within 3 radii of max range.

* Phidi declare war on me, and in the same turn ask me to break ties with my ally who they don't like.

* I just encountered the Tinkers as a minor race, but I have legacies installed, and one of the AI races playing is the Tinkers...

* The Yorthin were my friends. They twice asked for metal to help them and I gave it both times. Then they decided they wanted my "homeworld" (Humans, so...). I got two demands for it from the Yorthin in the same turn. I declined, there's a war. Eventually there's peace and then it happens again, this time THREE demands for it in the same turn.

Ring Galaxies
AI absolutely sucks on these on sparse stars.
60 stars, ring, sparse, Normal speed, rare races, rare planets, normal activity

Even with top-tier tech, it was impossible to jump all the way around the ring in one direction. As in, if you have a colony/outpost on a planet, you still can't reach the next planet. You have to go all the way around the other direction.
The AI was utterly crippled. While I was using end-game tech (tinkerers) they were still on Fusion and antimatter! They simply couldn't get around the galaxy to colonize. The harpys/pirates being at the lone intermediate world meant we never got into contact until I could crush them either.

* I then played another sparse-ring galaxy and got similar results. This time I started next to an AI and of course they start stronger than me (cheats), but it wasn't long before I'd crushed them and then I had free reign over the galaxy.


* How do the Yorthin have a heavy cruiser with coilguns and duranian by turn 68? :-( (Brutal)
Turn 100, the Ashdar imperials have at least 6 heavy cruisers.
I try another game - turn 48, the tinkers have 8 missle destroyers and a heavy cruiser... :-( And they control 6 systems (to my 3)
What I'm saying is - more "intelligence" and less cheating from the AI would be nice. :-)

* Placating the AI doesn't work on Brutal. They'll just attack if they think you're weaker, even if they're friendly. and you've acquiesced to the last 2-3 demands. This includes the supposedly "scrupulous" tinkers.

* Don't let star-harpy swarms get too large. If there are ~100 ships there I'll still easily win, it just locks up my computer for 60 seconds while it calculates the autocombat result (this is a fairly recent CPU too).

Quality of Life Improvements:
* Allow speeding up of battle animations even more. 4x and 8x. Large battles take ageeeeeees

* Bigger trade ships - necessary for bigger games; I currently have 80 and it's still too few. Repeat build seems to be the only solution.

* Ships auto-route through stargates

* There's a noticeable interface lag later game on larger galaxies. Whether it's simply adding things to building queues or autoresolving a combat against a lone outpost. It's better than it was, but still...

* AI turns take a looong time late game on bigger galaxies. Even when most of the AI is dead and the planet count is "sparse".

* Autobuild auto-scrapes labs once all research is completed.

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Re: Latest playthroughs, more feedback/bugs

Postby zolobolo » Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:41 pm

Agree with most of the above

To be fair: The AI should have cheats going for it on the hardest difficulty(ies) as the AI script is always the same, its just the buffs and debuffs that change. If you want to go up against the AI withouth cheats, thats normal, and above that they get handicap which is fine as long as the AI can bring up a decent fight even withouth them but the cheats also need to be cosndierable for those who really want to bash their heads against the wall or just play with exploits

Yes, Harpy, Raiders and Pirate threat has lessened considerably lately (which is good the the AI on the other hand) - hofeully they'll be back once the rebalance is done and the AI is optimised

Agree with the speeding but propose to make the current fast option default and have a smlower and faster option (this would autoamtically resolve the bug for the fast option where it always needs to be reactivated ;)). Personally don't need an even faster option but suppose it would not be hard to implement

Bigger trade ships: I don't agree here. Personalyl I like the fact that you need to constantly cram out new trade ships to keep up with growing capacity. It requires the player to really invest long term in coin income (even if it gets out of hand later and you can buy everythin but hey at least it pays off :))

Start Harpy swarm: fully agree to reduce their accumulation rate as the AI tends not to attack them at all, and the player also mostly avoids them due to the gains compared to risk involved. Some (though not consdierable) nerfing on their accumulation could help this. At the same time I would also crack up the dislike, the Herald shows upon attacking their nests to have some Rewards/sohrt as wel las long term risks going on but for this to truly shine I hope they will actually retaliate at one point: "Your repeated interventions in our operations need to be rectified. We shall take and convert your resources to make up for the damage you have caused"

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Re: Latest playthroughs, more feedback/bugs

Postby AMX » Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:54 pm

What do you mean with "Yorthin"?
Yoral or Orthin?

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