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Re: New DLC

Postby Arioch » Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:01 pm

We always make new mechanics part of the base game. The only thing that requires purchase of the DLC is to play as the new faction.

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Re: New DLC

Postby zolobolo » Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:31 am

Yes, and I did really appreciate the fact that Tinker mechanics of harmonisation was tied into the existing pop mechanics and GUIs and no new menu points were introduced (that would be needed if not tied into the core game: looking at you Galciv and Stellaris ;))

But please be carefull: asteroid bases did not manage to take foot in the game as viable buildings, embarking to starbases is more micro then worth (and not used by AI) and Tinkers got streamlined into using rockets only due to their faction bonus of quickly regenerating ammo - please be carefull to only include mechanics that the new and existing factions can handle otherwise its not worth working on

I think the Tinkers DLC needs some tewaking to fix the above, but still love most of its new ships, the faction, the kinda unique building they have and the harmonisation idea+art (oh the art :))

So really looking forward to your next DLC, it has a solid basis on the stable build, I can hardly wait to see how a new faction and terraforming will fit into the existing game :)

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