Bug? Extreme delay & Fleet Can't Right-click(Path)

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Bug? Extreme delay & Fleet Can't Right-click(Path)

Postby Jem » Sat Apr 06, 2019 4:25 am

#1 Extreme delay starting new game after victory
After clicking [End game] on the victory screen, I tried starting a new game but it only showed generating galaxy till no end. So I restarted SiS and start a new game and everything was normal.

#2 Many times after [Bombard All]/[Destroy Planet] screen, can't make any fleet go anywhere (right-click to show path to other stars). And I can only get out of this strange 'mode' by (left)click like crazy at blank space until the entire galaxy screen go a slight flicker and things are back to normal. This has been happening since many updates ago.

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