Torpedo vs Missile?

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Torpedo vs Missile?

Postby fonzosh » Wed May 02, 2018 11:38 am

So, what is the deal here. I never go for the torpedo research because (according to me, correct me if Im wrong) these are actually worse than missiles. Why? Because of the swarm effect. Since torpedos at the max has 2 slots loaded in a ship and since they are slower then missiles, they almost allways arrive at another time and are easily picked of by the PD since the PD can concentrate on attacking them instead of a swarm of missiles. Sure, the torpedo does a lot more damage but hits the enemy round 3-4 in battle while missiles normally hit round 2, which allows the enemy to actually fire less shots because of the time.

So, I gladly hear your comments about this. Am I wrong? I know that if fired point blanc the torpedos would be better, but my misslie ships are never that close to the enemy, rather packed behind like artillery.

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Re: Torpedo vs Missile?

Postby zolobolo » Wed May 02, 2018 1:04 pm

Like you said in short distance they are better :)

Your tactic does not seem to suit this weapon well - you need to get in close and personal like German submarines and destroyers in WW2 - but that is fine. Not all weapons need to suit all tactics. You could of course try to overwhelm the enemy with torpedo heavy artillery line: this is easy to do with Yoral and Tinkers but you are restricted to specific races that support this approach

Some time ago, bombers were using torpedoes which made the tech crazy usefully and the bombers a bit OP - hence their downgrade to rockets. I haven't been really using torps (except with the above two races) since as prefer close combat battles with boarding and cloaking, but they are getting more emphasis again by being allowed on Heavy mounts lately

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