Is this possible: Rally point for new ships?

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Is this possible: Rally point for new ships?

Postby Jem » Sat Jul 25, 2020 9:55 am

Is it possible to make rally points from Star A to Star B? So any new ships in Star A will automatically move to Star B?

I was considering to try this out until I recall this will be new data and I'm not sure how the data is stored/retrieved/interpret to display etc. so I stopped there. Sorry!

If anyone is able, maybe make a simple rally feature from [selected] Star and right-click on another Star will do, which creates a, say [white] double moving dash line (think airplane runway), the [green] moving dash line of moving fleet on the same path will be 'middle' of the 2 white dash lines, so both can exist side by side?

Also, these rally lines are not visible unless we hold [CTRL] or something when we want to see them, as more visual on the galaxy map can add to slow things down faster, especially with gigantic size star map. Just throwing this idea out there, hopefully something can come out of this. Cheers!

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