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Re: DLC rebalance mod

Postby Dragar » Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:53 am

In the end there is just too much here for me! I also prefer the restrictions on techs - Vindicators for non-Tinkers was a bit jarring, for instance.

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Re: DLC rebalance mod

Postby gaerzi » Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:48 pm

Using WinMerge to compare between this mod and the current baseline:

- antimissile range increased from 11.9 to 17.9 in triggered_attacks.lua
- additional types of bays handled in boarding.lua (transporter bay, armor assault brigade, and assault bay).
- min shield strength code uncommented in boarding.lua
- range multipliers changed in beam_attack_rolls.lua

- Setup\forced_planets_fun.lua: Waterless more likely to be large; Viscid can now be on Garden, Island or Coral worlds instead of Garden, Arid, or Glacier; Scavengers are now more likely to be a large hive world and will never be on a small world
- Setup\home_systems.lua: Fargone gets a medium arid world with precious metals and mineral rich.
- Setup\init_all_stars.lua: humans get less technologies but heavier ship types in easy and advanced starts, also more credits.
- Setup\new_galaxy.lua: epic and marathon get harsher science multipliers, but smaller production and influence cost multipliers
- Setup\planet_decks.lua: rare planets can be oceans, tiny planets are commented out
- Setup\setup_star_specials.lua: pirates are buffed quite a bit, with more tech and heavier ships, and more of them
- Setup\special_decks.lua: more kinds of derelict ships and derelict colonies; splinter teros colonies on arid worlds, splinter haduir colonies on garden worlds
- Galaxy\planet_types.lua: changes in some pop affinities. Gaiads get 5 pop per forest habitat, androids get increased affinities for arid, ice, ocean, airless, and inferno, Viscid get improved affinities for swamp, reef, and ocean; but are downgraded for arid, growth rates are also tweaked for gaiads, scavengers, tinkers, androids (? -- they don't grow), spice mongers, and viscids.
- Encounters\trigger_generic_events.lua: planet disasters commented out
- @Tactical\ship_damage.lua: crew damage trebled compared to vanilla

The "assets" part is about the ships. There are far too many to list the changes precisely, but from what I've looked at so far, ships are generally buffed. More system slots, bigger space multipliers, more turrets and more hangars/berths are frequent changes across the board. Star harpies that didn't have them already get chondrite armor. Hawks get built-in warp enhancers, Hammers get built-in maneuvering engines, Boxes get built-in reinforced bulkheads, Blades get built-in distortion generators.

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Re: DLC rebalance mod

Postby Chasm » Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:33 pm

A lot in the technology folder got changed also, to make the mod work I need a complete technology folder stored with the edited files placed outside it.

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