The AI does not know fear (when it really should)

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Re: The AI does not know fear (when it really should)

Postby username » Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:34 pm

zolobolo wrote:If you are transporting crew from the normal transport into the boarding transport that is legit I also do this regularly from large ships to the boardign transport (they cannot be boarded untill engines working and if enemy doesnt have boarding ships which the AI usually doesnt have as it is not usein the boarding module only shuttles
That is what I do, yes. I repeatedly restock my large boarding ships so they can send the largest waves against the enemy, resulting in easier captures with fewer losses.

More importantly, I restock them by pony-expressing them from the starbase and shipyards, which have huge supplies of crew relative to ships. So when the AI is EXPECTING to be boarded by a 300-man ship, if he expects it at all, instead he's really being boarded by the few thousand guys on the shipyard.

But as far as the subject at hand is concerned, with the AI not knowing fear, mostly because it can't assess force correctly, and because all of its force assessments are hardcoded, I still say teaching the AI to dynamically reevaluate based on performance will fix this up, because ultimately, it doesn't matter why the AI misunderestimates, just that it does, and it never adapts.

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Re: The AI does not know fear (when it really should)

Postby zolobolo » Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:30 am

PrivateHudson wrote:By the way, transferring crew to boarders from other ships that just accidentally stopped side-by-side could considerably increase AI mil. transports' efficiency, while being hopefully relatively simple change of combat script.

The direction of transfer is simple if one ship has shuttles but is much more complex if the AI needs to evaluate which ship is need of reinforcement as it is dependant on player ship position, crew, boarding module type and speed

It would also leave the source ship vulnerable and could reasult in the simple capture of capitual ships as they trasnfer crew to a low-value target

So all in all all of these params would need to be taken into account making hte tactial script a bit more complex for sure :):
1. Source ship combat worth and crew
2. Target ships combat worth and crews (there can be several targets)
3. How many and which enemy ships are boarding capable
4. Crew, position and range of boarding capable enemy ships

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