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Bug Report

Postby Serptonius » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:01 am

I hit the following error:

Code: Select all

Lua state\Orders\production.lua:484: designs is missing required field: info -> 407
Lua state\Orders\production.lua:484:
 Lua state\Orders\autobuild.lua:175:
  Lua state\Orders\autobuild.lua:198:
   Lua state\Orders\colonization.lua:228:
    Lua state\Orders\production.lua:895
Lua state\Sounds\looping_sounds.lua:10: attempt to index local '(in)' (a nil value)
Lua state\Sounds\looping_sounds.lua:10:do_rollover_sound:
 Lua state\Sounds\looping_sounds.lua:27:
  Lua state\GUI\@EventDispatcher.lua:351:@EventDispatcher.lua:149:
   Lua state\GUI\~GalaxyMap\GalaxyMap.lua:837GalaxyMap.GalaxyMap :

As best I can tell what happened, I went through and "bought" a production of a station. I then modified that station to have the most current equipment then when it spawned it lead to the above error.

I loaded an earlier save and made the changes to the layout then "bought" the production and no error.

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