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State of the Build

Postby sven » Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:13 am

The current build is quickly approaching release status. This forum topic has traditionally held a list of items that were still outstanding TODO items -- nearly everything is now crossed out; the most significant item that didn't make it in for the deadline is the low-powered laptop graphics optimizations; which will now need to wait for a post-release patch.

Big items:

  • Diplomacy and Events (More info available in these posts.)
  • Population Morale System
  • Sound effects

Notable smaller items include:

  • Improved new player tutorials.
  • Improved refit mechanics. (Related discussion here.)
  • Various unimplemented technologies and racial special features
  • The ability to filter parts / systems appearing in the ship designer screen.
  • Improved UI layouts and cursors. (See also the UI FAQ.)
  • The ability to change the zoom level of the the galaxy map.
  • A reduced visual quality setting that should make it easier to play large maps on older/lower powered laptops.

There are also a number of things that we're really hoping to get finished in time for the release, but which aren't yet on the official "must have" list. These items include:

  • An interactable tech tree visualization in the research screen.

* Last updated: 01/16/2016.

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