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Re: State of Exploits

Postby zolobolo » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:59 am

I fully agree but there is a problem: I don't think the existing models can really accomodate the broadside gun concept

Even if it would be decided that Yoral only have forward firing and turret like mounts due to their stlye being the most hostile against the concept:
1. Small ships all clearly have forward firing or turrer like mounts across all factions (this might still slide as they are small maneuverable vessels so it fits)
2. Turn rate of large vessels (think of super dread) would make this a pain to manage - battles would take several times longer especially invasions
3. Some large ships have their mounts grouped per side - meaning that one side us practically useless in battle. These groups would need to be broken up and mounts regrouped
4. All other medium sized vessels are also deisgns with forward firing archs in mind (Ashdar, Gremak, Orthin and Tinker) - the only deisgn I can think of that fits nicely into the concet is the Human Ligh Cruiser and some Phidi designs
5. Current ships behaviour does not accomodate the breaking up of formations (they are moving too tightly together for that).

Altogehter broadside would be needed to make directional shields truly meaningfull but it is unlikely that would make sense being implemented at this stage (the effort and potential risks seem too high for the gain)

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Re: State of Exploits

Postby Danath » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:03 pm

6. Writing the AI code itself would probably be a bigger problem than points 1-5 together :lol: AI still doesn't use small aircraft as PD or against bombers.

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