Star Gates have issues

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Star Gates have issues

Postby user12334 » Tue May 22, 2018 8:27 pm

  1. They cost just labor=0, metal=15. So when I have finished researching them, I just build them in all systems in 1 turn. Possibly it is not how it was intended.
  2. Ships (military and also civilian population transports) do not use path finding in presence of Star Gates. They do not cut paths when they can go through star gates.
  3. Star Gates do not cause any difference in economy. But such instant teleportation of cargo should cause a great economic boom, in theory. (And also the technologies that increase strategic speed should improve economy too, in theory. But this is off topic.)
  4. Star Gates do not let the star system avoid enemy blockage (I noticed this a few times).
  5. Star Gates do not let me summon transports same turn, still need to wait 3 turns. I think instant (or faster) summon of transports through Star Gate would be a good feature.

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