Missile swarms

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Missile swarms

Postby Dinkelsen » Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:22 am

I moved my feedback to a new thread as I do not want to invade Gryfalcon's thread any longer.

I played some more up to the point where I cound have a word with those pesky pirates that dared to atomize my peaceful scout. I built a destroyer (or 5) and went there to show them who's best.

First I want to say that I liked the GUI for the tactical combat. What I used up to now (move, fire, run away screaming) felt natural and intuitive. The graphics are amazing, the weapon effects look good and quite polished. The only thing, and I am "complaining on a high comfort level" is the explosions which I feel are a little bland and the missile/bomber swarms. (I do hope that "complaining on a high comfort level" is a valid english phrase. It is a more or less literal translation of a german phrase meaning "what I am critizising is already very good")

Missile swarms:
Most ships I saw fired 3 missiles in a salvo (but I think I remember a starbase or a cruiser having 4-5) These missiles are fired in bulk and then fly in more or less (more less actually) straight lines to their target. Since the missiles overseer a bit (I hope this word does exist, too. It means the missile turns too much left when it has to turn left and so after the course correction has to turn right again resulting in a wobbly flight path) the whole swarm looks more like a flock of birds or fish that an array of missiles.

If this is intended then I will shut up at once, but if not you might want to consider firing the missiles in sequence of like 0.15s-0.25s so that the wobly-swarm effect is minimized since the swarm is more spaced out.
Or the missiles could be spread out more hoizontally, how do I describe that? One missile goes straight at the target, one has an angle offset of 45° and one has -45°. That way the missiles won't cobble together and occupy more space.

The animation for the fighters is so fast that I couldn't even see the fighters and what they were doing. Or was it bombers? Maybe it is intended, since if you are accustomed to the effect it might be ok since everything has to happen sequencially and if the effect was slower it would result in waiting time, but when I saw it for the first time, I thought: WTH... what was that?


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Re: Missile swarms

Postby Arioch » Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:37 am

The missiles do have a "flocking" sort of pattern, which is exaggerated at the moment and will eventually be toned down.

Fighters are also due for a number of changes.

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