Findings for current build

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Findings for current build

Postby zolobolo » Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:08 pm

Got surprised by a couple of things I haven't noticed lately very impressive:
- Small crafts now display the weapon mounts used
- Force beam penetrates shields and makes energy weapons a viable option compared to rail gun

Now some of the things that might need improving:
- Enemy AI Ashdar Colonials use paint job for Gremak it seems for their small craft
- Blockaded colony still produces money and trade project benefit applied (might be intended that only food transport is blocked)
- Blockaded status not shown if project is running (e.g.: research or trade)
- If transport carrying marauders and slaves disembarks Marauders, slaves cannot be disembarked anymore only in the next turn
- Debug window pops up when research screen is left with the category: Construction is left open on the right hand side window when playing as Gremak. Does not occur with any other category, and only if research menu is opened up again
- Bomber cost needs balancing towards Interceptor and Multi-role Fighter
- Fighters were equipped with Coilgun - should be energy weapon as per desc, and railgun track definitively does not need more benefits :)
- Race relationship not explained in diplomacy menu (goes this is the attitude of pops but not sure and how it affect relationship with the leader: should be shown under effect: Populace loves you: +12 REP)
- Ashdar fleet carrier, Heavy Crusier, Yor Frigate, and Gremak Star Base can board without module.
- AI never uses Raid option with shuttle equipped craft and only tries to board starbases. Example: Ashdar armored troop carrier facing Gremak Light Cruiser. It was only using its meager weaponry, when it would have easily won the engagement had it used raid and/board, but it did not utilize either although it had +50 crew then player Cruiser. They should always utilize these option when out-gunned and against smaller craft to win resource, tech or ship

PS: Suggest putting reactors on the top of the "Systems" components list (just like shields are already on the top) as these are the two that get upgraded, all the other components are mostly one-time only selected when the initial design is created

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