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Re: Research Tree ETA?

Postby zolobolo » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:43 am

Arioch wrote:Iceberg is on board for a DLC; I'm working design specs for what we're going to include. Both Sven and I have other outside work that we each have to get through in addition to this, so it will take a little while, but hopefully we'll have something to announce before long.

Great news! Looking forward to your DLC :) Hope you guys got enough funds for the project
Recommend you do not let the scope be bloated - there is only the two of you. Concentrate on low-hanging fruits (like additional races) that do not need a whole lot of troubleshooting afterwards, and ironing out the core elements with small improvements

This is a visually heavy game so you can produce a lot of new content without touching the core mechanics

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