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Development Changelog

Postby sven » Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:05 pm

2021-02-15(38806) 'in_development'
  • When harmonized population become discontent, they should no longer lose harmonized status.
  • Balance adjustments effecting Tinkers AIs playing on Hard/Brutal maps.
  • Changes to the Tinkers AI governing population management.

2020-01-20(38792) 'in_development'
  • Fix for a rare bug involving retreating population transports.

2020-12-13(38791) 'in_development'
  • Fix for a crash introduced by engine updates in the last patch.

2020-12-11(38790) 'in_development'
  • Engine updates to address bugs on Intel graphics drivers.
  • Adjusted annexation event rules.

2020-08-09(38778) 'in_development'
  • More diplomatic events are now auto removed as a result of starting a war.
  • AIs should no longer declare war on empires they're unable to communicate with.

2020-08-09(38774) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that was preventing Androids from suffering from overcrowding.

2020-08-06(38771) 'live'
  • Workaround for performance issues affecting older Intel HD Graphics drivers.
  • An attempt to improve game stability on older hardware.

2020-08-02(38767) 'live'
  • Improvements to AI judgments about which planets should be offered/demanded when suing for peace.

2020-07-27(38763) 'live'
  • Tweaks to the "queue refit to recent design" on hover button behaviors.
  • Starmap star names and ETA text should no longer get smaller when the game is played at low resolutions.

2020-07-24(38760) 'live'
  • Experimental changes to fleet icon scaling at 4K resolution.

2020-07-20(38759) 'live'
  • Added a "queue refit to recent design" option to the ship refit pane.

2020-07-20(38758) 'live'
  • Hotfix for an exception caused by the AI City Planning code.
  • Hotfix for a bug in the peace offer dialog text.

2020-07-19(38754) 'live'
  • Hotfix for a bug in the peace offer dialog tree.

2020-07-16(38753) 'live'
  • Added +1 System Slot to the Phidi "Armed Merchant" and "Military Transport" hulls.
  • Fix for a rare bug related to space habitats.

2020-07-14(38742) 'live'
  • Fixes for various display issues when the game is played at 4K resolution.

2020-07-12(38741) 'live'
  • Fixes for marauder tech and fleet scaling on 'marathon' and 'epic' game speeds.
  • Fix for a rare bug in the ship status pane.

2020-07-06(38739) 'live'
  • Updates to the "Faction Relations" graph.
  • Stations should no longer be able to retreat from combat (except for Tinkers' stations).

2020-07-05(38735) 'live'
  • Fixes for some rare bugs involving captured transports.
  • Updates to the "Faction Relations" graph.

2020-07-01(38729) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug introduced by yesterday's "fix".
  • Humans now start with an extra 100 coins in "Marathon" games.

2020-06-30(38727) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug introduced by yesterday's patches.
  • Increased Stellar Surge Beam damage.
  • Updated Stellar Surge Beam animation.

2020-06-29(38720) 'live'
  • Added a "Dangerous Rising Power" issue that may cause weaker empires to resent and fear you.
  • Various changes to the way AIs evaluate and offer peace treaties.
  • A new "Faction Relations" pane can now be found in the intelligence briefing.

2020-05-25(38676) 'live'
  • Attempting to trade with Marauders who have captured an outpost should no longer cause a bug.

2020-05-24(38675) 'live'
  • Fix for an error in the tradeship recall hover text.
  • Completing combat should no longer cause harpies to be assigned negative crew values.
  • Planetary shield values now be displayed correctly when viewing a planet's defenses.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause the "Build Outpost" button to be displayed in place of the defensive actions buttons.
  • Fix for a rare bug in the planet info pane.

2020-02-18(38672) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause androids to lower the population growth rates of other colonists.

2020-02-16(38669) 'live'
  • Splinter colonies should no longer offer to join monster factions.
  • The "alien rulers" penalty should no longer apply to the populations of annexed empires.

2020-01-20(38667) 'live'
  • Minor fixes for the allied "colony request" event.
  • AI behavior tweaks.
  • Added a 'None' option to 'Native Races' advanced map setting.
  • Annexed outpost transports should now be scrappable.
  • Fix for a bug that could occur when switching to a queued "City Planning" activity while low on food.
  • Fix for a bug that could case "error in the food shortage report" exceptions.

2020-01-17(38664) 'live'
  • Lowered the rep penalty for refusing to abandon a colony site, when requested.
  • Added a small rep penalty for denying the AI a colony site using military intervention.
  • Allied AIs should now request permission before building colonies inside your territory.

2019-11-30(38660) 'live'
  • Updates to the planet texture management system.

2019-11-17(38647) 'live'
  • The "Disable Arrow Panning" option should now work properly during AI turns.

2019-11-15(38646) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could prevent mercenary ships from being properly captured.
  • Refitting a military transport to a design that lacks transport space should no longer cause a bug.

2019-11-14(38642) 'live'
  • It should no longer be possible to issue a move order to a ship that's been destroyed.

2019-11-13(38640) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered by rushing a ship's production, then changing the underlying design.
  • Starting a war should now implicitly cancel all outstanding diplomatic requests between the two warring empires.

2019-11-12(38636) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug introduced by recent changes, affecting users playing with "Simplified Graphics" enabled.

2019-11-10(38635) 'live'
  • Workaround for a bug that could occur when refusing AI ultimatums.

2019-11-10(38633) 'live'
  • It should now be possible to pan the map during AI turns.
  • Added an Option "AI Turn Zooming" that additionally allows zooming during AI turns. This optional zooming feature will create latency on many machines. It is disabled by default.

2019-11-02(38593) 'live'
  • Some 'End turn' and 'Load Game' UI transitions should be smoother.

2019-10-31(38586) 'live'
  • Refitting a station that contains habitat modules will no longer cause any population living in those modules to disappear.
  • Workaround for a bug caused by destroyed Marauder companies that controlled captured outposts.

2019-10-29(38584) 'live'
  • In the Galactic Council, AIs will no longer vote for allied empires if those empires have fleets that they judge to be weaker than their own.

2019-10-26(38582) 'live'
  • It is now possible to integrate captured ships into your fleet, then reverse engineer them at a later time.

2019-10-25(38580) 'live'
  • Ships should no longer choose hyperspace anomalies as possible retreat destinations.

2019-10-24(38578) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug triggered by scuttling captured stations.
  • Captured stations around planets destroyed by bombardment will now be destroyed when the planet's population is destroyed.

2019-10-23(38571) 'live'
  • Fix for a rare bug that could case crashes inside the AI research logic.

2019-10-18(38570) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause ship hulls from different races to share construction progress.
  • Human missile cruisers now have 1 size 3 Torpedo mount (up from 2 size 1 mounts).
  • Added a new UI option to the Options pane: 'Capitalize Outpost Names'.

2019-10-17(38569) 'live'
  • The "demand you stop trading with our enemies" event now has a cooldown to prevent excessive repeated demands.

2019-10-15(38568) 'live'
  • Fix for a rare bug that could cause multiple splinter colonies to spawn on the same planet.

2019-10-11(38566) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could occur when colonizing a planet.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause an uncompleted battle to be treated as a stalemate.
  • Fix for a bug in the AI end turn logic.

2019-10-10(38563) 'live'
  • Fix for a naming error in planetary bombardment reports.
  • Fix for a formatting error in the empire annexation report.
  • Fix for a bug in the logic for tracking tinkers' Dzibix connection state.
  • Attempted fix for a rare 'invalid bombardment request' bug.
  • Fixes for bugs that could cause an 'error in the food shortage report' warning.

2019-10-09(38558) 'live'
  • 'Marauder Weaponry' and 'Stupendous Energy Physics' can now always be reverse-engineered from captured ships.
  • Increased the damage of Ion Artillery.
  • Decreased the number of heavy weapons that can be mounted in most siege mounts from 3 to 2.
  • Increased the number of siege weapons that can be mounted on Dread Stars from 2 to 3.

2019-10-07(38557) 'live'
  • Fixes for assorted typos in the in-game text.
  • Fix for a rare bug in the AI fleet routing code.
  • Fix for a UI glitch that could cause star names and territory outlines to not update immediately after territory changed hands.
  • There is now a chance for Gremak to gain the option of annexing Marauder companies they're already in contact with.

2019-09-06(38550) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause transports from destroyed empires to wander the map endlessly.
  • Increased the starting population of Gremal by +1 Enfi.
  • The "Raider Activity" setting now also affects the number of Pirates/Marauders/Harpies present at the start of the game.
  • Added a "None" option to the "Raider Activity" setting.
  • 'Fatalin Stims' and 'Thiozil Tranquilizers' have been replaced by a single merged technology: 'Chattel Pharmaceuticals'.

2019-08-23(38544) 'live'
  • Algorians and Lummox can now be enslaved.
  • Fixed the coloring of Tinkers ground units.

2019-08-11(38529) 'live'
  • Adjustments to the AI logic for starting wars.
  • Added the Gremak-exclusive 'Fatalin Stims' technology, which improves forced labor yields.
  • Added the Gremak-exclusive 'Thiozil Tranquilizers' technology, which improves experiments yields.
  • Gremak empires now receive additional resources when sacrificing slaves for forced labor and experiments.

2019-08-08(38526) 'live'
  • Attempted fix for a rare bug triggered by annexing empires.
  • Increased the build costs of Stargates.
  • A warning icon will now appear over understaffed improvements.

2019-08-02(38523) 'live'
  • Stations orbiting a settled colony now never cost upkeep.
  • Outposts in orbit of unsettled planets now do cost upkeep.
  • Adjusted upkeep costs for Tinkers mobile bases.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause rushed ship production projects to be cancelled.

2019-08-01(38520) 'live'
  • Crew bonuses from a designs pre-loaded ground units should now be better reflected in the UIs.
  • AIs should once again favor placing assault shuttles in ships with the "Berth" hardpoint.

2019-07-29(38517) 'live'
  • It is now possible to pre-load assault shuttles using any ground unit type.

2019-07-17(38511) 'live'
  • Another fix for a bug that could lead to "error in the food shortage report formatter" warnings.
  • Workaround for a driver bug that could cause a hang while starting the game on a secondary monitor.

2019-07-12(38172) 'live'
  • Fixes for bugs that could lead to "error in the food shortage report formatter" warnings.

2019-07-11(38171) 'live'
  • AI logic tweaks.

2019-07-08(38168) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug in the logic for setting up colonize intervention battles.

2019-07-07(38167) 'live'
  • AI empires should now sometimes hire mercenaries.

2019-07-06(38160) 'live'
  • Removed AI coin production bonuses from 'Normal' and 'Easy'.
  • Increased AI priorities for researching and building markets.

2019-07-05(38159) 'live'
  • Restored the coin per market bonus of Opil and Gems to +10.
  • Understaffing penalties now apply to bonus production from special resources (affects Artifacts, Opil, Gems, Super Grain, and Precious Metals).
  • Marauders will now be less easily threatened into forming trade relations with you.

2019-07-04(38152) 'live'
  • AI logic updates.
  • Reduced the coin per market bonus of Opil and Gems from +10 to +7.

2019-07-03(38148) 'live'
  • Adjustments to the formula for determining refit costs.
  • AIs should be less likely to start new wars immediately after making peace.
  • Corrected a UI glitch that caused planetary defenses to show incorrect upkeep values.
  • AI logic updates.

2019-07-02(38142) 'live'
  • Wiping out a planet via planetary bombardment should no longer cause fleet control UI glitches.
  • Doubled the capacity of the Ashdar Missile Cruiser's Torpedo hardpoints.
  • Yoral Torpedo Destroyers now have 3 Torpedo harpoints (reduced from 4).
  • Increased the tactical speed of Ashdar Battlecruisers and Fleet Carriers.
  • Removed one system slot from the Ashdar Fleet Carrier, and decreased its upkeep costs.
  • Removed one system slot from the Gremak Assault Carrier.
  • Increased the upkeep costs of Ashdar and Gremak Light Cruisers.

2019-07-01(38136) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug introduced by recent AI changes.
  • AI logic updates.
  • Outposts no longer increase your empire's trade capacity.
  • Increased market understaffing penalties.
  • The "Build Outpost" banner should no longer appear over planets that are under attack.

2019-06-28(38128) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug introduced by yesterday's changes.
  • AI logic updates.

2019-06-27(38118) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug introduced by yesterday's changes.
  • Changes to AI fleet routing behaviors in the face of overwhelming enemy forces.
  • Reduced mercenary influence costs.
  • Adjusted the formula for calculating foreign trade routes.
  • Trade ships and mercenary recall times will now scale with your empire's drive technology.
  • Reduced player starting improvements on 'Brutal'.

2019-06-26(38102) 'live'
  • AI logic updates.
  • Reduced AI research advantages on 'Brutal' and 'Hard'.
  • Retreating ships may no longer "retreat" towards the system they're leaving.

2019-06-21(38093) 'live'
  • AI logic updates.

2019-06-19(38090) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug in the AI's planet improvement logic.
  • AI logic updates.

2019-06-18(38088) 'live'
  • Ships may now repair or use instant refit if appropriate allied infrastructure exists in the system.
  • Fix for a bug that was preventing AIs from attacking minor factions and rebels.
  • Minor adjustments to the AI fleet routing rules.

2019-06-17(38078) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug in the calculation of free population transport ships.
  • AI controlled fleets are now significantly less likely to retreat.
  • Ships controlled by the player and set to "autocombat" should now be less likely to retreat.
  • Increased the chances of allied empires choosing to merge over time.
  • Various changes to AI behaviors and advantages.

2019-05-29(38051) 'live'
  • Expanding into an AI's territory using mobile stations will now trigger appropriate diplomatic consequences.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause the AI to simultaneously declare war and issue an ultimatum.
  • Workaround for some event ordering bugs.

2019-05-27(38045) 'live'
  • Adjustments to AI behaviors and advantages on Hard/Brutal difficulties.
  • Annexed empires will now also contribute tradeships and transports to their new empire.

2019-05-25(38039) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug introduced by yesterday's empire annexation changes.
  • Tinker mobile stations no longer have 0 upkeep.

2019-05-24(38035) 'live'
  • Androids now have higher population caps on Barren worlds.
  • If you refuse an ally's offer to help in a war, they should wait at least 10 turns before offering to help again.
  • Annexing an ally will now give you access to all their technologies and ship designs.
  • It should no longer be possible to salvage or reverse engineer ship technologies if those technologies do not appear in your tech tree.
  • Assault marines and Marauder raiders now have a base combat power of 1.5.
  • Fix for a bug that was causing unruly races to fight on both sides of a planetary uprising.

2019-05-23(38027) 'live'
  • Fix for a "manufacture population" bug introduced by yesterday's patch.
  • Taking control of a planet with Androids will now unlock the 'Androids' technology.

2019-05-22(38023) 'live'
  • City planning no longer benefits races that do not consume food.
  • Overcrowded population no longer contribute to resource production or improvement staffing.
  • Discontent population and Viscids no longer contribute to improvement staffing.

2019-05-18(38019) 'live'
  • Removed the player's starting factory on 'Brutal' difficulty.
  • Increased Torpedo Destroyer upkeep costs.
  • Reduced the amount of trade capacity provided by markets from 2/4/6 to 1/2/3.
  • Removed a hidden trade capacity boost provided by 'Interstellar Currency'.
  • Allies should no longer request that you abstain from colonizing planets.
  • The allied settlers event should no longer cause a bug if the allied empire is annexed or destroyed during the turn.

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Development Changelog (continued)

Postby sven » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:11 pm

2019-05-17(38011) 'live'
  • Adjusted the AI's aggressiveness in certain situations.
  • Adjusted AI starting advantages on 'Hard' and 'Brutal'.
  • Fix for a formatting error when designing planetary defenses.
  • Updates to AI ship refitting behaviors.
  • Updates to AI report handling internals.

2019-05-15(38004) 'live'
  • Adjusted marauder bribe costs.
  • Increased AI start condition bonuses on 'Hard' and 'Brutal'.
  • Humans now receive a 50% discount on ship upkeep costs.
  • Base income reduced from 15 to 10.

2019-05-14(37999) 'live'
  • Refusing to cede a planet to a faction you're at war with should no longer cause a bug.
  • Dramatically increased ship upkeep costs.
  • Reduced ship refit costs.
  • Reduced foreign trade route income from 3 coins to 2 coins.
  • Each empire can now have no more than 1 foreign trade route for every 2 domestic trade routes.

2019-03-26(37982) 'live'
  • AIs should now be less likely to join wars between other factions.

2019-02-26(37981) 'live'
  • Fix for a memory leak that could cause slowdowns over longer games.

2019-02-10(37980) 'live'
  • Eliminating an empire by capturing its last outpost should no longer cause a bug.
  • Added the "Transports Surrendered" event.
  • The technology 'Cybernetic Organisms' is now available to all factions.
  • 'Cybernetic Organisms' now allows population units to be deharmonized.
  • 'Cybernetic Organisms' now also increases Battle Mech strength by +2.

2019-02-06(37975) 'live'
  • Fix for a coin rounding issue in the resource request event.
  • Fix for a bug triggered by battles that included fleeing population transports.
  • Destroying a colony immediately after creating it should no longer cause a bug.

2019-02-05(37969) 'live'
  • Fixes for several bugs involving invalid starvation warnings.
  • Fixes for several "likely bug in the attack confirmation logic" warnings.

2019-02-04(37965) 'live'
  • Fixes for logic errors in the "please do not colonize" requests.
  • Reverse engineering captured ships should no longer cause bugs in the technology queue.
  • Updates to the rules used to determine resource request quantities.
  • Added handicaps for AIs playing on "easy" difficulties.

2019-02-02(37962) 'live'
  • Destroying a ship while it's being refitted should no longer cause a bug.
  • Transports arriving at an outpost planet should no longer cause a bug.
  • Colonist morale modifiers should now persist when populations are transported between worlds.

2019-01-28(37960) 'live'
  • Agreeing to embargo an empire you don't have a trade charter with should no longer cause a bug.

2019-01-16(37959) 'live'
  • Hotfix for a bug caused by opening the graphs pane from older saves.

2019-01-16(37958) 'live'
  • Adjusted several event firing rates.
  • Adjusted the dialog for some events.

2019-01-14(37951) 'live'
  • Transfers of planetary ownership should no longer leave invalid "encounter" reports on the starmap.

2019-01-10(37949) 'live'
  • Added an "Intelligence Briefing" pane to the diplomacy screen.
  • Fix for a bug caused when transports arrive at a planet that has changed allegiance.

2019-01-08(37944) 'live'
  • Tinkers should no longer request food aid.
  • Tweaks for Marauder behaviors.

2019-01-06(37939) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug caused when one AI empire absorbs another.
  • Fix for a bug in the "empire eliminated" report.

2019-01-04(37934) 'live'
  • Enhanced victory panes.
  • Ctrl+G now opens graph panes.

2018-12-27(37905) 'live'
  • Adjustments for the AI's retreat logic.

2018-12-26(37903) 'live'
  • 'Artificial Sentience' now provides +15 science on all worlds.
  • 'Adaptive Energy Grid' now provides +10 labor on all worlds.
  • 'Social Engineering' now unlocks a varying number of improvement slots depending on planet size.
  • Added 'Pop Cap' to the list of planet sorting options.

2018-12-24(37901) 'live'
  • Transferring control of planets will now also transfer control of all orbiting stations.

2018-12-14(37899) 'live'
  • Increased the research cost of 'Battle Mechs'.
  • Tweaks to the logic governing AI retreats.

2018-12-13(37896) 'live'
  • Galactic council votes can now influence reputation.
  • 'Graviton Physics' and 'Advanced Field Theory' now grant increased tactical speed.
  • Increased mid/late game science boosts from experimenting on slaves.

2018-12-12(37893) 'live'
  • Reduced the number of technologies offered by the Herald.
  • Updated mechanics for ancient data archives.
  • Added the 'Wreckage Analyzed' event.
  • Added the 'Technology Captured' event.

2018-12-11(37890) 'live'
  • Changes to the AIs "sue for peace" logic.
  • Tinkers AIs should now make use of Asteroid Outposts.
  • Changes to the psuedorandom generator used in planetary bombardment / invasions.
  • Changes to peace concessions.
  • Changes to formula used in resource request events.

2018-12-10(37880) 'live'
  • Annexing a planet will now reduce its planetary defense level to match what is permitted by your technology.
  • Fix for a bug involving ignored ship capture reports.
  • Fix for a bug in the "allied settlers" event.

2018-12-7(37877) 'live'
  • Citizens from allied factions will now sometimes offer to join your empire.
  • AIs may now object if you establish colonies/outposts in their territory.

2018-12-6(37875) 'live'
  • AIs may demand control of splinter colonies founded by members of their own species.
  • AIs may offer gifts to friendly players.
  • Fix for a stack overflow bug triggered by some of the new diplomatic requests.
  • Fix for a bug in the calculation of "make peace" influence costs.
  • Allying with an alien empire now removes the "Alien Rulers" morale effect from their colonists.

2018-12-5(37866) 'live'
  • Changed starting resource bonuses on 'Hard' mode.
  • Increased mid/late game strategic fleet speeds.
  • AIs may now demand that you stop trading with their enemies.
  • AIs may now demand that you release their people from slavery.

2018-12-1(37858) 'live'
  • Upgrading tanks no longer increases their build or upkeep costs.
  • AIs may now issue ultimatums before starting a war.
  • AIs may now insist that your fleets stay outside their territory.
  • AIs may now request to start joint wars against third parties.
  • AIs may now demand that you return control of colonies they have a historical claim to.
  • Changed starting resource bonuses on 'Normal' and 'Easy' modes.

2018-11-29(37846) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug caused by reverse engineering captured Tinker technologies.

2018-11-27(37845) 'live'
  • Increased the number of stars in 'small', 'normal', and 'huge' maps.
  • Colonizing a planet after promising the AI not to should no longer trigger a bug.

2018-11-24(37841) 'live'
  • Changed AI starting resource bonuses.
  • Phidi no longer start without the 'Military Doctrine' technology.
  • Reduced the strength of Marauder fleets.
  • Changed the hire costs of mercenaries.
  • Decreased the spawn rates of mercenaries.

2018-11-22(37834) 'live'
  • Allies should now better cooperate when routing defensive fleets.
  • Added the 'Trade War' event.
  • Added the 'International Incident' event.
  • AIs should now wait at least 15 turns between making peace and restarting a war.

2018-11-21(37828) 'live'
  • Increased the cost of the 'Artificial Organisms' tech.
  • Fix for a bug in the AIs handling of captured ships.
  • Balance changes for Hard/Brutal difficulty.
  • Fix for a bug in the war/peace logic.

2018-11-18(37821) 'live'
  • Fix for a bug in the AI improvement selection logic.
  • Balance tweaks for hard/brutal difficulty.
  • Reduced the research cost of 'Defense Grid'.
  • Increased many agreement influence costs.
  • Increased upkeep costs for mid/late game ship hulls.

2018-08-20 'live'
  • New "expansion request" event.

2018-06-16(37643)- 'live'
  • It is now possible to deploy outposts around planets you already control.
  • Fix for a bug caused by absorbing an empire that contained outposts.
  • Fix for a star shader glitch affecting many cards using newer AMD drivers.
  • Attempted workaround for a bug affecting ship designer part placement.

2018-05-24(37620)- 'live'
  • Significant changes to AI behaviors around starting and stopping wars.
  • AI's will now be more likely to cooperate with allies.
  • Added several new diplomatic issues.
  • Reduced AI advantages on Hard, Brutal, and Normal maps.
  • Reduced marauder ship spawn rates.

2018-05-17(37550)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug in the city planning food consumption logic.

2018-05-12(37540)- 'live'
  • Added debugger hooks for VS Code.
  • Fix for a bug involving intercepted AI transport fleets.
  • Fix for a bug involving AI City Planning.
  • Various tweaks to the Strategic AI. (Thanks to harpy eagle for these diffs.)
  • Added a Credits pane.
  • Updated layouts for planet population icons.

2018-04-29(22260)- 'live'
  • The AI's ship building strategies should now reflect it's research strategies, and vice versa.
  • A variety of fixes and improvements in the AI's economic logic (thanks to harpy eagle for these patches.)
  • A variety of fixes and improvements in the tactical combat AI (thanks to harpy eagle for these patches.)
  • Significantly reduced the range of anti-missiles.

2018-04-23(22232)- 'live'
  • The AI should now be less likely to spam colony ships. (Thanks to harpy eagle for this patch.)
  • Fix for a low level bug in the AI task dispatching logic.
  • Adjustments to the AI's handling of planet production changes.
  • The AI should now pursue more varied research paths. (Thanks to hary eagle for this patch.)
  • The AI should now sometimes transfer population units between planets. (Thanks to hary eagle for help with this patch.)

2018-04-18(22205)- 'live'
  • Orthin and Gremak can now research Heavy Missiles.
  • Torpedoes can now be placed in heavy hardpoints.
  • Strike fighters will now attack starships using energy weapons, if their energy weapons are more powerful than their missiles. (Thanks to harpy eagle for this patch.)
  • Various race-specific weapon art updates.

2018-04-15(22151)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could incorrectly prevent planets from using 'City Planning'.
  • Fix for a bug that could occur after the AI disembarked transports.
  • Fixes for various bugs in the starvation warning feature.
  • Adjustments to the display rules for Tinkers fleets.

2018-04-12(22135)- 'live'
  • Marauders should now be able to capture outposts without causing a bug.
  • Fix for a cloaking effect rendering glitch.
  • Fix for a rare bug involving the autobuild mechanic.
  • Fix for a bug involving captured outpost transports.

2018-04-11(22125)- 'live'
  • Capturing Orthin ships equipped with Power Converters should no longer cause a crash.
  • Placing Vindicators in Yoral torpedo hardpoints should no longer cause a bug.
  • Fix for a bug in the starvation warning display logic.

2018-04-09(22116)- 'live'
  • Fixes for inaccuracies in the special resource description text.
  • Fix for a bug in the AI fleet routing logic.
  • Fix for a bug in the empire logo drawing logic.

2018-03-29(22110)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could occur after defending a planet that was suffering from starvation due to blockade.
  • Various minor text corrections.

2018-03-21(22101)- 'live'
  • Hotfix for a bug related to slavery and orbital populations.
  • Native population on planets where your empire has an outpost should no longer consume food.
  • Hotfix for a bug in the planet starvation logic.

2018-03-19(22097)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug triggered by moving multiple population units onto a single transport.
  • Hotfix for a bug triggered by planets depopulated due to starvation.
  • Hotfix for a bug that could be triggered by Orthin ships equipped with an outdated version of the 'Shield Capacitor' system.

2018-03-17(22087)- 'live'
  • Fix for a tech tree bug that could be triggered by reverse engineering Fusion Torpedoes while playing as Orthin or Gremak.
  • In the case that battle salvage unlocks techs that are impossible to research, the player will no longer receive a "tech unlocked" notification.
  • The Phidi Torpedo destroyer, human Missile Cruiser, and human Battleship all now have 'Torpedo' rather than 'Missile' hardpoints.
  • It is now possible to place 'Blast Doors' and 'Scanners' in a Heavy hardpoint.

2018-03-16(22079)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered when Vindicators retarget on a new ship.
  • Fix for a bug that was preventing the Shield Piercing abilities of the Force Lance from working as intended.

2018-03-15(22066)- 'live'
  • It should no longer be possible for the food cost of City Planning to be negative.
  • Orthin ships equiped with Shield Capacitors now have access to the "Overcharge" and "Shield Boost" special abilities.
  • Fix for a game state maintenance bug affecting battles in which the right-click inhibit weapon fire toggle had been used.

2018-03-13(22043)- 'live'
  • The 'hail fleet' option should no longer appear when an empire you are at war with attempts to colonize a planet.
  • The Orthin Dreadnaught now has only 1 Capacitor slot. (Old designs may need to be edited.)
  • Orthin 'Capacitor' hardpoints have been renamed as 'Busbar' hardpoints.
  • Blast doors can now be placed in Busbar harpoints.
  • The 'Energy Refocusing' technology is being retired, and will not appear in new games.
  • Orthin players will now unlock the 'Power Converter' busbar component after researching 'Zero-Point Energy'.

2018-03-08(22036)- 'live'
  • Editing an outpost transport design now edits the design of the created outpost.
  • Outpost designs are no longer required to include a fuel depot.
  • Outpost designs that include Space Habitats can now be loaded prior to deployment.
  • Outpost transports built in old saves will no longer function.
  • Colonists in deployed Space Habitats now consume food.
  • Viscid now have the 'vermin' trait, making them immune to starvation.

2018-03-05(22002)- 'live'
  • Adjusted the color of the Tinkers star names.
  • Adjusted the territory lines style.

2018-02-28(21993)- 'live'
  • +Healed numbers should now appear when ships regenerate shields or armor.

2018-02-27(21989)- 'live'
  • Replaced the 'Pirate Activity' advanced setting with 'Raider Activity'.
  • 'Raider Activity' now also controls the level of Star Harpy activity.
  • Reduced the frequency of some Star Harpy events.
  • The components list should no longer show incorrect small craft graphics when designing planet defenses.
  • Colony ships can now always colonize a planet if the colonists onboard would be comfortable there.
  • Warning icons will now appear by systems blockaded by enemy ships.

2018-02-26(21977)- 'live'
  • Removed redudant post-battle 'technology unlocked' notifications.
  • Most map settings should now default to the values used in the most recent savegame.
  • Clicking on a planet's special resource icon should now open the planet info entry for that resource.
  • Added a 'Supergrain Discovery' event.
  • Clicking on a fleet's empire icon will now start a conversation with that empire, if possible.

2018-02-24(21961)- 'live'
  • Added a territory overlay layer.
  • Added a new option pane toggle: 'Show Empire Territory'.
  • Added a new option pane toggle: 'Show Fleet Route Lines'.
  • Added a new option pane toggle: 'Show Empire Insignia'.

2018-02-23(21939)- 'live'
  • Hotfix for a bug triggered when Vindicators attack cloaked ships.

2018-02-20(21903)- 'live'
  • Added the 'minerals discovery' random event.
  • Added the 'artifacts discovery' random event.
  • Hotfix for a bug in 'artifacts discovery' event.
  • Hotfix for a bug affecting the new DLC achievements.

2018-02-19(21877)- 'live'
  • Added five new achievments related to the Legacies DLC.
  • The 'Warp Node Attunement' technology can now be purchased from the Herald.

2018-02-17(21853)- 'live'
  • The 'Pulse Generators' technology can now be unlocked (either via the Herald or by destroying Arda units).
  • Proteans will now use a suicide attack after closing on enemy ships.
  • The 'Plasma Torpedoes' technology can now be unlocked (either via the Herald of by destroying Proteans).
  • Fix for a bug in the missile impact logic.

2018-02-12(21824)- 'live'
  • The 'Harpy Repellant' Codex can now be purchased from the Herald.
  • Destroying an Arda Engineer will now unlock 'Arda Fabrication Techniques'.

2018-02-11(21818)- 'live'
  • The 'Arda Thrust Vanes' Codex can now be purchased from the Herald.
  • The 'Arda Focusing Lens' Codex can now be purchased from the Herald.
  • The 'Arda Puzzle Box' Codex can now be purchased from the Herald.
  • The 'Arda Persuasion Matrix' Codex can now be purchased from the Herald.
  • The 'Warp Node Dynamics' Codex can now be purchased from the Herald.
  • The 'Arda Fabrication Techniques' Codex can now be purchased from the Herald.
  • The 'Core-Tap Mining' Codex can now be purchased from the Herald.
  • Fix for a MIRV damage logic bug.

2018-02-09(21803)- 'live'
  • Players will now lose reputation with the Herald for visiting HSAs or destroying Arda Seed units.
  • Players will now gain reputation for completing trades with the Herald.
  • The technologies offered by the Herald will now improve with increased reputation.
  • Fix for a production display bug affecting planets with space habitats.

2018-02-05(21772)- 'live'
  • Tinkers now have access to the Vindicator MIRV missile.
  • Tinkers no longer have access to the Bomber tech.

2017-12-31(21739)- 'live'
  • Increased the bombardment power of carriers.

2017-12-30(21736)- 'live'
  • AI empires should now sometimes build outposts.

2017-12-29(21728)- 'live'
  • Increased market coin production from 4/7/12 to 5/10/15.
  • Increased second and third tier factory labor production.
  • Adjusted Dread Star production costs.
  • Added a 'hostile environment' upkeep cost for colonies in harsh environments.
  • The new hostile environment mechanic is suppressed in any game started prior to r21718.
  • AI players should be less likely to choose to colonize hostile environment worlds.
  • Marauder factions should be less hostile to AI players.

2017-12-28(21715)- 'live'
  • Adjustments to the "new turn" banner animation.
  • The mining activity now provides +50% output per mine (up from +33%).
  • Earthquake disasters are now limited to destroying at most 2 improvements.

2017-12-26(21710)- 'live'
  • Fix for a rare bug that could be triggered when Harpy fleets returned to their source HSA.
  • Losing a planet should now reliably resolve all pending construction complete warnings pertaining to that planet.
  • Fix for a bug caused by unresolved attacks against fleets belonging to a defeated empire.
  • Fixes for bugs that could be triggered by refitting ships while in the process of issuing a move order.

2017-12-23(21704)- 'live'
  • Hotfix for bugs in the animation of destroyed fighters/missiles.
  • Fix for a tech tree bug affecting some older save games.

2017-12-14(21690)- 'live'
  • Initial implementation of the electrocyte's offensive AOE ability.
  • Added the Harpy "Engineer" unit.

2017-12-12(21668)- 'live'
  • Added the Harpy "Steward" unit and associated special behavior.
  • Fix for a bug that could prevent Star Harpy Autopsies from being awarded as intended.
  • Star Harpy 'Nests' may now spawn around uninhabited stars.
  • Added an Autopsy report for the Harpy Proteans.
  • Added a "Harpy Incursion" report.
  • All Arda/Harpy units now have some inherent autorepair abilities.

2017-12-04(21634)- 'live'
  • Building additional stations should no longer cause planets with Shipyards to lose their production discount.
  • Technologies gained from the Herald or a derelict colony should now be correctly removed from the research queue.
  • It is now possible to embark units onto a Space Station equiped with assault shuttle bays.
  • Stations captured in tactical combat will now be destroyed at the end of the turn unless the planet they orbit is also captured.

2017-11-19(21623)- 'live'
  • Updated railgun animation.

2017-11-08(??)- 'live'
  • Fix for a rare bug that could cause stations to attempt to attack themselves.
  • Missile hardpoints can no longer mount torpedoes.
  • The Ashdar missile cruiser now has torpedo, rather than missile, mounts.
  • Fixes for some sound and animation glitches affecting the Herald and Mediator ships.

2017-10-26(21580)- 'live'
  • The Herald now arrives in a unique ship type.
  • Added several new Arda-specific ship components.
  • Updated background art for the Tinkers leaders.
  • Changes to the behavior of Space Harpy swarm events.
  • Bombers can no longer carry Torpedoes (they're limited instead to missile weapons).

2017-10-24(21580)- 'live'
  • New background for battles at Hyperspace Anomalies.
  • Fix for a rare bug that could be triggered by rendering certain text strings.
  • Fix for a bug in the planet production info panes.
  • Fix for a layout problem in the planet production info panes.
  • Fix for a bug that was preventing declaration of war notifications from appearing.
  • Fixed the on-click behaviors of the small icons in the agreement dialog panes.

2017-10-19(21573)- 'live'
  • Fixes for some in game text errors (missing tooltips, etc.).
  • Fix for a bug that could be caused by allying with a player with access to hyperspace anomalies.
  • Fix for a bug that could be caused by opening the fleet list pane while at a hyperspace anomaly.
  • Harpy raiding fleets should be signifigantly smaller on 'Easy' difficulty games.

2017-10-18(21552)- 'live'
  • Ship weapon selection states should now be reset at the start of each turn.
  • Successfully rebellions will now destroy all orbital infrastructure.
  • Destroying a Star Harpy 'Mediator' will now grant a 1-time science bonus.

2017-10-11(???)- 'live'
  • Double-clicking on a save in the Load pane will now load the selected game.
  • Fix for a bug in the Tinkers' mercenary exchange.
  • Additional tutorials explaining Tinker-specific mechanics.

2017-10-05(???)- 'live'
  • Reduced the number of Marauder companies generated in new maps.
  • A few AI behavior tweaks.

2017-10-04(21428)- 'live'
  • New icons for several actions and activities specific to Tinkers.
  • Several new random events related to discovering ancient technology caches.

2017-10-02(21396)- 'live'
  • Tinker fighter bays will now rebuild fighters each tactical turn (at the same rate at other autorepair effects).
  • Workaround for a tech-line rendering bug present on older Intel laptops.
  • The Tinkers' starting technology is now called 'Portable Fabrication'.
  • This patch includes changes that may be incompatible with saves from recent development builds.

2017-10-01(21390)- 'live'
  • The Tinker's Mobile Outpost has been renamed to 'Asteroid Outpost'.
  • Building an Asteroid Outpost now requires a planet with the Debris Ring special.
  • Tinker munitions will regenerate each tactical turn (munitions regerate at the same rate as other autorepair effects).

2017-09-30(21377)- 'live'
  • Added the space hab component and several assosisated mechanics.
  • More changes to AI handling of 3+ sided conflicts.
  • Updates to the AI logic related to constructing markets.
  • Fix for a bug that could occur when negotiating to end a war with Marauders.
  • Huge maps now default to 8 players (up from 7).
  • The long range mod now correctly increases range to 150%, as per it's description.
  • Fix for a bug in the in-game docs for planet food production.

2017-09-27(21314)- 'live'
  • Tinker players now have the 'Manufacture Population' activity in place of 'City Planning'.
  • Fix for a bug caused by retreating mobile stations from tactical combat.
  • AI Tinker players should now build machine altars rather than factories.
  • AI Tinker players should now be less likely to build farms.
  • Increased the set of video drivers that default to 'Simplified Graphics' (adding a few older/more obscure Intel chipsets).
  • Populations that do not require food should now continue to grow naturally even when other races on the same planet are starving.
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered by trying to delete a game when the sound effect volume was set to 0.

2017-09-25(21289)- 'live'
  • Initial implementation of the Tinker faction.
  • Tiny planets will now spawn in new maps -- tiny planets cannot be colonized.
  • Signifigant rebalance of planet spawn rates -- small/fringe worlds of all types are now less common.
  • The debris ring special now appears around certain planets.
  • Asteroid Bases can now be built around planet with debris rings (with appropriate technology).
  • Fix for a bug that was causing the AI to inappropriately favor shipyards over armed stations.
  • Ships with functioning autorepair systems will automatically be fully repaired at the end of combat.
  • Changes to many race biom affinities -- most signifigantly affecting Spice Mongers and Tinkers.
  • Outposts can now provide repair and refit facilities to visiting fleets if equipped with a construction module.
  • Fix for a bug that was allowing outposts without fuel depos to serve as fuel bases.

2017-09-17(21182)- 'live'
  • Low-level changes intended to work around recently discovered AMD driver issues.
  • Changed AI handling of three+ sided conflicts, should fix logic errors in AI code.

2017-09-15(21152)- 'live'
  • Added several new UI sounds.

2017-09-13(21117)- 'live'
  • Added several map shape options to the map settings pane.

2017-09-11(21093)- 'live'
  • The influence cost of peace treaties now scales depending on how the war has proceeded.

2017-09-10(21072)- 'live'
  • Resource trading with other empires should now be possible.
  • Reduced the frequency of several types of planet disaster events.
  • All empires now receive 1 influence per turn if they have any contact with alien empires.

2017-09-08(21047)- 'live'
  • 'B' now acts as a hotkey for buying production on the currently selected planet.
  • Added a 'Right Click Close' UI option to the Options pane.

2017-09-06(21014)- 'live'
  • Hiring mercenaries now costs influence, in addition to coins.
  • Fix for a formatting error when trading with marauder companies.

2017-09-04(21011)- 'live'
  • A variety of diplomatic outcomes are now possible when your fleets intercept alien colony ships.

2017-09-03(20985)- 'live'
  • Low-level changes intended to work around a glitch in the latest AMD drivers.
  • In windowed mode, window resizing cursors should now appear when appropriate.

2017-09-02(20964)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause re-contacted empires to respond as if you'd just meet.
  • When initially researched, Markets now increase trade capacity by 2 each (up from 0).
  • Fix for a bug introduced by recent changes that was causing the Trade activity to do nothing.
  • Fix for a bug that was preventing tech tree zoom from responding to mouse wheel events.

2017-08-30(20947)- 'live'
  • Altered the deficit handling rules -- forced scrapping now always yields some coin return.
  • Adjusted planet autobuild logic to favor Trade in situations where deficits are imminent.
  • AI players should now build more Markets during the late game.

2017-08-26(20876)- 'live'
  • Ground unit upkeeps now appear as a separate item in the economic on-hover text.
  • Shipyard ship build cost discounts no longer stack.
  • Algorians and Pell now have the 'Friendly' racial trait.

2017-08-21(20870)- 'live'
  • Tweaks to the DLL loading process.
  • Mercenary upkeeps should now be visible in the mercenary hire overlay.
  • Adjustments to Tinker pop caps on various planets.
  • Reduced the cost reductions provided by 'Subspace Networking'.

2017-08-08(20841)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that was causing Tinkers and Androids to suffer the 'Alien Rulers' morale penalty.
  • Upkeep costs for all ground units have been halved.
  • Upkeep costs for most ships have been increased.
  • Upkeep costs for planet defenses greater than level 1 have been increased.
  • Upkeep costs for ships built using older versions of the game are unaffected.
  • Surplus food is now converted to coins at a rate of 1/4 (rounded down).

2017-07-30(20803)- 'live'
  • The tech tree view now includes 3 different zoom levels.
  • The mousewheel can be used to toggle between tech tree zoom levels.
  • Opening and closing the tech pane should no longer reset the currently selected tech.
  • Tweaks to the GLSL compiler to improve compatibility with Linux/Wine. (Wine compatibility remains unsupported/experimental.)

2017-07-25(20752)- 'live'
  • Enfi now provide 3 labor each (up from 2).
  • The 'simplified graphics' rendering mode is now enabled by default for all Intel HD 3000 and Radeon HD 7800 Series cards.

2017-07-22(20737)- 'live'
  • Fixed a few description text errors.
  • Increased the base resource yields of most native populations.
  • Reduced the cost of Bombers by one-third.
  • Increased the cost of Strike Fighters and added Antimatter as a prerequisite for the Multirole Fighters tech.
  • Increased the cost of Heavy Railguns and halved damage.
  • Deflector screens now absorb 50% of kinetic weapons damage, while Battle shields now absorb 70%.
  • Decreased the damage of Neutron Beams.
  • Increased the research costs of late game technologies.
  • Ashdar colonial carriers now carry +1 fighter per hangar.
  • Fix for a bug in the tactical weapon selection UI.

2017-07-21(20722)- 'live'
  • It should once again be possible to scrap markets.
  • Changes to avoid blurriness on high DPI monitors.
  • New UI scaling rules for very high resolution monitors.

2017-07-19(r20714)- 'live'
  • Candidate fix for a display bug triggered by galaxy screen rendering. (Effected graphics cards include most newer AMD Radeons.)

2017-07-17(r20702)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug in the planet farming/food description text.
  • Adjustments to the language in various in-game resource production descriptions.
  • The technology 'Energy Torpedoes' is now called 'Plasma Projectiles'.
  • The damage of Pulson Launchers has been increased from 35 to 50.

2017-07-16(r20699)- 'live'
  • More updates for the the Load/Save panes and UI.
  • Fix for a memory leak introduced by the new wait screen features.

2017-07-12(20620)- 'live'
  • Updates for the the Load/Save panes and UI.
  • Improvements to GoG Galaxy achievement/stat error handling.

2017-07-09(20615)- 'live'
  • Several fixes for low-level bugs introduced by the new wait screen system.

2017-07-04(20569)- 'live'
  • Prototype for improved wait screen rendering (Planets should now continue to rotate during end-turn events).

2017-06-25(20438)- 'live'
  • Low-level changes in the underlying graphics library.

2017-06-23(20438)- 'live'
  • Workaround for an over-aggressive compiler optimization that caused very odd behavior in the latest 64-bit build.

2017-06-22(20429)- 'live'
  • The instant refit feature should now correctly trigger the "Harder Faster Better Stronger" achievement.
  • Updated to the Visual Studio 2017 runtime libraries.

2017-06-22(20393)- 'live'
  • Updates for many of the game's random number generators; all native races should now spawn at the intended rates.

2017-06-17(20382)- 'live'
  • Unresearchable techs should no longer appear in any of the tech tree panes. (In earlier builds, the presence of such techs could cause various bugs.)
  • Morale reports for planets that have been lost should now be correctly removed from the notification list, rather than causing exceptions.

2017-06-12(20368)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause Ashdar fighters to appear in place of the correct race-specific art.
  • Fixes for inaccuracies in the in-game text appearing under a transport's 'Start Trading' button.

2017-06-10(20347)- 'live'
  • Selecting Primary Artillery in the tech tree should no longer cause a bug.
  • The prerequisite edges for 'Primary Artillery' and 'Stupendous Energy Physics' should now be properly visualized.
  • The prereq for 'Stupendous Energy Physics' has been simplified to 'Heavy Ion Beams'.

2017-04-25(20298)- 'live'
  • Low-level DLL-loading changes to support more distributor APIs.

2017-04-11(20298)- 'live'
  • 'Set Research' will now implicitly build a queue to the selected research target if possible.
  • 'Queue Research' will now add the current research target to the existing research queue.
  • In the tech tree view, shift click and right click may now be used as hotkeys for 'Queue Research' and 'Set Research'.
  • Research project time costs estimates should no longer incorrectly assume that beakers from the current project can be transferred to any other project.

2017-04-10(20251)- 'live'
  • The portion of the 'Primary Beams' prereq that included 'Turbolasers' now instead includes 'Advanced Turbolasers'.
  • It is now possible to view a visualization of the tech tree by clicking on the tree view icon shown at the top of the technology list.
  • 'Hyperspace Cloud Computing' has been renamed to 'Hyperspace Cloud'.
  • The Yoral's Frigate hull is now unlocked by 'Interstellar Expeditions', rather than 'Titanium Construction'.

2017-03-22(20049)- 'live'
  • Opening the dropdown menu in the embark population dialog should no longer trigger an exception.

2017-03-17(20026)- 'live'
  • Disabling 'advisor suggestions' should now suppress special resource notifications.
  • You should now receive at most 1 special resource notification per resource per game.
  • Fighters and bombers should now always use the latest available munitions/weapons.
  • Strike fighters should now correctly switch between attacking with energy weapons or missiles, depending on their target.

2017-03-16(20014)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could prevent raider units from embarking from low-population planets.

2017-03-12(20009)- 'live'
  • The Mods subdirectory can now be used to install\manage Mods. For additional info, please read: Mods\MakingMods.txt.

2017-03-12(19994)- 'live'
  • Fix for a rare bug that could cause a crash when closing the ship designer pane.

2017-03-10(19991)- 'live'
  • Unlocking 'Dreadnoughts' no longer requires 'Duranium Construction'.
  • Removed the redundant 'Small Craft' prereq for 'Light Carrier'.
  • Removed the redundant 'Graviton Physics' prereq for 'Star Gates'.
  • Removed the redundant 'Fusion' prereq for 'Plasma Focusing'.

2017-03-06(19919)- 'live'
  • Applying an autodesign template to a planet defense design should no longer cause an exception.
  • Fix for a rare bug that could cause fleets to disappear after issuing a movement command.
  • Rejecting the results of a galactic council vote should no longer cause a bug.
  • Fix for a gunport animation glitch affecting several heavier Orthin hulls.

2017-03-03(19905)- 'live'
  • Bombardment notifications now contain more information.
  • The 'Ancient Guardians' faction should no longer appear in the faction list.
  • Added on-hover tooltips for terraforming projects.

2017-03-02(19894)- 'live'
  • Fix for a rare bug that could cause planets to stop taking bombardment damage.
  • If an enemy empire bombs and then invades one of your planets, you should now receive a notification for the bombardment, in addition to the notification of invasion.

2017-03-01(19878)- 'live'
  • The on-hover text for artificial planets should no longer incorrectly assume that planet slots occupied by gas giants are unavailable.
  • Updates to item display for the colony base, terraforming, and artificial planet projects.
  • Attempting to launch assault shuttles from a ship with 0 crew should no longer cause a crash.
  • It should no longer be possible for planet projects to have negative buy costs.

2017-02-25(19868)- 'live'
  • Weapon modifications should no longer persist after selecting one of the autodesign options under the 'Hardpoints' menu.

2017-02-24(19866)- 'live'
  • It is now possible to change the sorting criteria used in the planet report pane.
  • The Project/Ships/All tabs should now be disabled in the "CHOOSE SHIP FOR REFIT:" subpane.
  • Fix for possible data corruption in the Orthin mercenary art.
  • The 'EXIT' button in the mercenary exchange bottom bar should now work as intended.
  • Fixes for formatting problems that could occur in the tech advance report for several physics technologies.
  • The 'Repeat Build' special action can now be added to the queue using either a right or left click.

2017-02-17(19837)- 'live'
  • Right-clicking on a ship in the CHOOSE SHIP FOR REFIT subpane should now have the same effect as hitting the 'Queue Refit' on hover action.
  • Outpost planets should no longer incorrectly display 'Chance to Revolt' warnings. (Outposts should never revolt.)
  • Fix for a crash that could be caused by rolling back time to a moment when the currently displayed ship or station did not exist.

2017-02-16(19835)- 'live'
  • Fixes for a few errors in the technology info text.
  • Hitting the INVADE or BOMBARD action buttons below a planet should now bring up the relevant report panes, even if those reports were previously dismissed.

2017-02-15(19829)- 'live'
  • The 'Buy Slaves' option in the Marauder encounter should now open the appropriate trade screen if selected.
  • Tribute/bribe agreements should now function properly.
  • Fix for a bug that could prevent the AI from taking full advantage of its trade capacity.
  • The AI should now make better choices when deciding where and when to build ground forces.

2017-02-14(19811)- 'live'
  • Scrapping a ship while it's undergoing a refit should no longer cause a bug.
  • Refitting a colony ship should no longer destroy any colonists it's carrying.
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered by destroying the homeworld of a raider company that controlled multiple planets.

2017-02-13(19797)- 'live'
  • The 'ambivalent' racial trait should now work as intended.
  • Instant refit, mass refit, and queue refit are now available as on-hover actions in the CHOOSE SHIP FOR REFIT planet sub-pane.

2017-02-10(19770)- 'live'
  • Performing an instant refit on a ship will now mark it as 'inactive', preventing it from moving or firing weapons for the rest of the turn.
  • Ships undergoing a refit will no longer be removed from the galaxy map.
  • Groups of Marines should no longer be referred to as 'Marineses', my Precious!

2017-02-09(19747)- 'live'
  • It is now possible to add partially completed ship refit projects to the production queue.
  • Damaged ships will now display red 'hull integrity' bars in the fleet and ship status panes.

2017-02-08(19733)- 'live'
  • Stored construction progress will now display for certain projects.
  • Added additional warnings in the case that planets may not be able to complete their production due to metal shortages.
  • Fix for a bug that was preventing ground units from storing incomplete production progress.
  • Fix for a bug that could give extra wrenches to planets suffering from a metal shortage.

2017-02-07(19710)- 'live'
  • When using the 'embark colonists' ship action, it should now be possible to chose the species of the embarking colonists.
  • The NEWS UPDATES text should now include a warning message if you appear to be running a version older than the latest major patch.

2017-02-06(19694)- 'live'
  • The Plasma Cannon's firing sound effect should now trigger properly.
  • Fix for a rare exception that could occur while embarking colonists.

2017-02-04(19683)- 'live'
  • The instant refit feature now requires that ships be stationed in a system that contains an orbital facility capable of performing the refit.

2017-02-03(19681)- 'live'
  • Super Dreadnaught weapon mounts should now hold 50% more weapons than similar Battleship mounts, as originally intended.
  • The mass refit feature should now function correctly for orbital stations.

2017-02-02(19672)- 'live'
  • Planet defense designs should now have tooltips and better sorting in the Edit Design pane.
  • It is now possible to edit and rename the special station design used when building outposts.
  • Fix for a data corruption issue that could be caused by refitting an Outpost to a design that did not include a fuel depot.
  • Outposts captured in battle should now cause control of the planet to change to the captor's side.

2017-02-01(19661)- 'live'
  • Updated fighter docking animations.
  • Expanded the hardpoint drop region used in the designer panes.
  • The 'enable advisor suggestions' option should now be hidden if there is no active game.
  • Mineral rich/mineral poor and 'starships ready' notifications are now classified as 'advisor suggestions', and can thus be enabled/disabled.
  • Adjusted the logic used to select improvements when a planets production has been automated.
  • Updated troubleshooting section for the game manual
  • *New rogue super dreadnaught system encounter.

2017-01-27(19561)- 'live'
  • Updated primary beam art.
  • All factions now have access to the Super Dreadnought hull.
  • Fix for a crash present in maps where all sides were playing as 'Humanity'.

2017-01-27(19540)- 'live'
  • Updated primary beam art.
  • All factions now have access to the Super Dreadnought hull.
  • Fix for a crash present in maps where all sides were playing as 'Humanity'.

2017-01-24(19529)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could be caused by destroying a marauder base while the marauder fleet was away raiding for slaves.

2017-01-23(19526)- 'live'
  • It should no longer be possible to send slaves or Phidi cultural missions to planets you do not control.
  • Accepting a Phidi cultural mission when you do not have enough transports to carry the colonists should no longer cause a bug.
  • Destroying a pirate raid while it is still forming should no longer cause a bug.
  • Destroying a planet that is under attack by a third-party AI should no longer lead to a 'tried to start a battle during end turn processing' exception.

2017-01-22(19515)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause an exception after using the instant refit feature on a Stargate.

2017-01-21(19509)- 'live'
  • Hotfix for a bug that could be triggered by using the instant-refit feature on the Human's starting heavy cruiser, leading to a range of possible secondary bugs.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause ships originally built by other empires have glitches with their instant-refit action.

2017-01-20(19502)- 'live'
  • Hotfix for a bug that could case a black-screen while editing certain Orthin designs.

2017-01-19(19500)- 'live'
  • The assault shuttle boarding action should now have appropriate animations/mechanics.
  • Removed several empire-wide morale penalties.
  • Updated emperor rear-facing art.
  • Hotfix for a bug that caused delays in the Heavy Weapon beam attack animations.
  • Hotfix for a bug that could cause errors while hovering over targets with the Stellar Surge Beam.

2017-01-18(19453)- 'live'
  • Added art for the Stellar Surge Beam.
  • Added rear-facing art for Director Ten Shells.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause glitches during strike fighter animations.
  • Planet disaster events should no longer strike outposts.
  • Boarding a ship now requires that one of its shields is down.
  • Transporters now function as described.
  • All embarked units now increase the crew rating of their cost ship by +50.
  • Embarked Assault Marines increase crew ratings by +100.
  • Assault Shuttles now make it possible to board mobile enemy ships within range 8.

2017-01-17(19432)- 'live'
  • New art assets for Transporters and AutoRepair Systems.
  • New art assets for Farms, Mines, and Markets.
  • Doubled the number of small craft per hanger mount.
  • Added the ability to disband ground units via the population info pane.
  • Ships equipped with one or more Stellar Surge Beams may now destroy hostile planets.

2017-01-16(19389)- 'live'
  • Optimized load-pane rendering.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause a starvation notification to persist after the cause of the food shortage had been addressed.
  • New tutorial text explaining the Fertility mechanics (displayed with the first starvation warning notification.)
  • Updated art for fighters and shuttles.
  • Researching the 'Planet Construction' technology should now allow you to build planets.

2017-01-15(19328)- 'live'
  • Preemptively attacking a raiding pirate fleet should no longer cause a bug.
  • Implementation and description text for 'Race Mind'.
  • Implementation and description text for 'Interspecies Law'.
  • Battle shields should now prevent 50% of damage from kinetic weapon fire.
  • Force lance attacks should now pierce all shields other than the Temporal Aegis.
  • Additional tutorial notifications in the event of founding your first colony and initial marauder/pirate battles.

2017-01-14(19251)- 'live'
  • Various updates to the in-game documentation text.
  • It is now possible to exit the game directly from the game menu pane.
  • Added implementation and description text for 'Hyperspace Cloud Computing'.

2017-01-13(19239)- 'live'
  • Updates for the Research screen frames/tooltips.

2017-01-12(19197)- 'live'
  • The "Embark Colonists" pane now includes an option for loading colonists to transports in orbit.
  • Added a "Game Speed" option to the map settings screen.

2017-01-12(19169)- 'live'
  • It is now possible to suppress the display of obsolete parts in the ship design pane.
  • Added a 'Mass Refit' option to the ship status pane.
  • Weapon damage range information now appears in the available component list.

2017-01-11(19107)- 'live'
  • Updated frames and buttons for the strategic ship info panes.
  • It is now possible to instantly refit ships using coins.
  • It is now possible to rename ships.
  • It is now possible to refit a ship to an existing design by accessing the Hardpoints dropdown menu in the designer UI.

2017-01-08(18979)- 'live'
  • It is now possible to access various autodesign features from the Ship Designer panes.
  • It is now possible to filter the list of components shown in the Ship Designer panes.
  • Anti-missiles can now be placed in light weapon hardpoints.
  • All light weapons can now be placed in heavy weapon hardpoints.

2017-01-06(18936)- 'live'
  • Restructured some internal data related to the random event system.
  • Added behaviors for a few new random events.
  • Updates to the Ship Designer frames.

2017-01-02(18850)- 'live'
  • A few fixes for the ship production icon placement and display.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause a planet to revolt and then immediately rejoin its parent empire, leading to corrupt game data.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause an "ai started up a battle during end-turn" exception.
  • Removed some rounding logic in the population growth rules that was causing confusing behavior.

2016-12-30(18822)- 'live'
  • Added a new UI option 'Color planets by Habitability'.

2016-12-29(18814)- 'live'
  • Fixes for some missile animation glitches.
  • Clicking on a grey 'Propose' button while the trading pane is open should no longer cause an error.

2016-12-27(18790)- 'live'
  • Low-level engine updates to allow the integration of various Steam API features.
  • Steam users should now be able to unlock a variety of achievements.

2016-12-18(18726)- 'live'
  • Increased the wrench cost of Colony Ships.
  • Fixes for bugs/animation glitches that could occur when antimissiles fired from planetary defense bases.
  • Antimissiles will now autofire like other pd weapons.
  • Added an end turn warning in the case that you do not respond to a request from an alien emperor.
  • Double-left clicking on a report notification that pertains to a planet should now reliably open the planet's info screens.

2016-12-18(18679)- 'live'
  • You can now rename star systems under your control by clicking on the large system name text while the star is selected.
  • Opening the galactic council pane after declining to call a council vote should no longer cause a bug.
  • It should no longer be possible to simultaneously destroy and capture the same planet.
  • Fix for a rare bug that could be triggered when Marauders dispatched raiding fleets.

2016-12-16(18665)- 'live'
  • Hotfix for a bug triggered by firing antimissiles mounted in a "Missile" hardpoint.

2016-12-15(18659)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause Marauder bases to build improvements without limit.
  • Ships equipped with Distortion Generators now start tactical battles 'cloaked'.
  • Ships equipped with Distortion Generators are now more difficult to detect while moving between planets.
  • Adjustments to the tactical AI related to the cloaking mechanic.
  • Ships and fleets effected by the reduced strategic detection range special are now displayed differently on the galaxy map.
  • Cloaked ships will now implicitly decloak before firing, if the player selects an 'attack' action.

2016-12-14(18608)- 'live'
  • It is now possible to view your own empire's statistics in the diplomatic screen.
  • Each faction's reputation level will now appear in the faction list, along with their diplomatic state.
  • Added more information to the Mercenary Exchange UIs.

2016-12-13(18608)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that could occur when encountering a marauder raiding party.
  • Removed placeholder anti-missile animations.

2016-12-11(18587)- 'live'
  • Adjustments for Marauder balance on various difficultly levels.
  • Fix for a bug that was preventing Marauders from launching raids.
  • Reduced the spawn rates of Ocean worlds in the case that 'abundant habitable planets' is set.
  • Assorted minor fixes for the raiding and ground combat mechanics.

2016-12-10(18566)- 'live'
  • Distortion fields should now work in game.
  • You may now right-click on a weapon in the tactical console to prevent it from firing.
  • You may no longer build colony ships on low population planets.
  • Refitting a Stargate should no longer cause a bug.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause planets to silently switch to auto-build mode without ever notifying the player.

2016-12-06(18530)- 'live'
  • Unlocked Phidi and Ashdar Imperial factions.
  • Initial implementation of the Phidi mercenary exchange.
  • Minor adjustments to the population growth rate rules.
  • Entering a save name with trailing or leading whitespace should no longer cause a bug.

2016-12-03(18451)- 'live'
  • Repacked the sound effect assets; this should reduce the game's system memory footprint significantly.
  • Fixed sound effect configurations of several mid-late game beam weapons.
  • Experimental changes to the trade route formula.
  • Colony ships and Colony bases now both remove a colonist from the world producing them when they complete.
  • Assorted minor changes to habitability rules -- Gremak will now have slightly higher pop caps on Arid worlds, Phidi and Orthin slightly lower.

2016-12-01(18415)- 'live'
  • Excess wrench production from prior projects should now carry over to the planet's next project.
  • 'Marauder Raiders' are now unlocked by the 'Marauder Raiders' tech, rather than being tied to Viper Launchers.
  • Phidi and Orthin will no longer be able to colonize Steppes worlds without hostile-environment technology.
  • Gremak are now able to colonize Arid, Desert, and Steppes worlds without hostile-environment technology.
  • Adjusted the returns from the 'forced labor' and 'experiment' actions. Both will now scale with the empire's Factory / Lab level.

2016-11-30(18391)- 'live'
  • Updates for the tooltips and text content in the colonist and ground unit info panes.
  • Updates to the lists of possible star system names.

2016-11-28(18359)- 'live'
  • New button styles for enslave/liberate actions.
  • Orthin and Threshers should once again be able to farm on Garden worlds.
  • Lummox should no longer be capable of farming on thin-atmosphere Arid worlds.
  • It is now possible to use slaves for science experiments (similar to the existing 'forced labor' mechanic).

2016-11-25(18336)- 'live'
  • Adjustments to missile damage, increased munitions for all designs.
  • The upper limit of stars on 'Huge' maps has been increased to 500, to allow experimentation with larger map sizes. WARNING: maps above 99 stars may cause performance issues.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of 'Normal' and 'Hard' maps.
  • Added the 'Brutal' difficulty level.
  • Excess research from prior projects will now carry over into the next research project.

2016-11-23(18314)- 'live'
  • Fix for a bug that was preventing human refugees from being removed from a planet if captured by Gremak raiders.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause AI-controlled planets to construct 'negative improvements', leading to a range of odd behaviors.

2016-11-21(18293)- 'live'
  • The game should no longer crash on launch if the sound system is unable to initialize.
  • Updated to FMOD 1.08.14.
  • Spacing adjustments for some fleet ship layouts.
  • Fix for a bug involving the 'Repeat' production item.
  • Fixed several missing ship, system, and hardpoint descriptions.
  • The current binary type and graphics adapter name are now shown in the lower-right corner of the start screen.
  • Planetary defense bases now have unlimited power and munitions.

2016-11-19(18227)- 'live'
  • Increased the production of slaves from 1 wrench to 2 wrenches.
  • Reduced the prereq set for the 'Shipyards' tech.
  • Forming an alliance with all remaining factions should no longer cause a crash; instead you and your allies will be awarded a joint victory.

2016-11-17(18194)- 'live'
  • Fixes for starvation bugs that could occur if you exported food in response to another empire's request for aid.
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered by refitting Ancient Stargates.
  • Fixes for a few bugs in the colonist transport UIs.

2016-11-16(18185)- 'live'
  • It should no longer be possible to use the 'embark colonists' button to steal colonists from other factions.
  • Hotfix for a bug related to the new Harpy Plasma Spitter weapon system.
  • Pirates should now be more effective at preventing communication with minor factions inhabiting stars that they control.
  • Stargates should no longer count against your orbital slot maximum.

2016-11-15(18164)- 'live'
  • Fixes for some problematic interactions between the production queue and autobuild features.
  • Added the 'Star Harpies' encounter (some placeholder assets remain).
  • Added the 'Ocean World' planet type.
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered by reverse engineering captured missile cruisers.

2016-11-11(18121)- 'live'
  • There is now an Ancient Stargate in orbit of Ashdar Prime.
  • Changes to Stargate Mechanics.
  • Fix for a bug that could be triggered by srcapping an outpost.
  • Assorted updates to the in-game technology text and diplomacy dialog.
  • Spice mongers should no longer populate colony ships, even if they're the most populus race on the planet.
  • The presence of the undo/redo buttons can now be controlled via an advanced map setting.

2016-11-08(18067)- 'live'
  • Added the 'Mining' activity. (Unlocked by "Industrial Automation")
  • Added the 'Synthesize food' activity. (Unlocked by "Synthetic Foodstuffs".)

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Re: Development Changelog

Postby sven » Sat May 18, 2019 9:37 pm

2016-07-27(16329) - 'stable'
  • Additional fixes for bugs related to looping sound effects.

2016-07-27(16313) - 'stable'
  • Additional sound effects.
  • Fixes for some bugs related to looping sound effects.
  • It should no longer be possible to research heavy weapons or heavy missiles without first researching a hull capable of mounting those weapon systems.
  • Various fixes to the in-game docs.
  • Patch addressing a rare bug that could occur after starting a new game and/or loading a save.

2016-07-19(16233) - 'stable'
  • The tech "Viper Dynamics" should now work as intended.
  • Fixed missing descriptions for armor components.
  • The tech "Subspace Networking" now has a description and an effect.
  • The options pane now includes a "tech cheat" button that will provide sufficient beakers to complete your current research project (on the following turn).

2016-07-14(16195) - 'stable'
  • More tactical combat sounds (some are still a bit buggy).
  • Fix for a bug in one of the ship capture report cases.
  • Mineral rich and mineral poor planets will now display an overlay icon in their system view.

2016-07-09(16135) - 'stable'
  • Two new techs: "adaptive energy grid" and "artificial sentience" unlock additional improvement slots on all your planets.
  • Three new techs related to ship refits and prize taking: "low orbit refits", "xeno-engineering", and "quantom decryption".
  • New missile tech "retargeting systems" controls whether or not missiles will retarget if their target retreats or is destroyed.
  • New tech "industrial replicators" reduces coin purchase costs for ships and improvements to 1/3rd their base value.
  • New tech/part "autorepair systems".

2016-07-07(16090) - 'stable'
  • Software reverb should work properly with rapid fire weapons.
  • Fix for a floating point rounding issue that could cause an exception during planet bombardment.
  • Fix for a text rendering glitch in the planet bombardment pane.
  • Encounter notifications for factions which you are at peace with no longer appear in the right-hand notification list.

2016-06-26(16051) - 'stable'
  • Enhanced error reporting.
  • A few minor bug fixes.

2016-06-23(16023) - 'stable'
  • First draft for UI sound effects.
  • Assorted weapon fire sounds (incomplete feature).
  • Attempted fix for some rare bugs related to leader drawing.

2016-06-15(15908) - 'stable'
  • Various (hidden) diffs related to sound effects.
  • Temporarily reverting some special effects that have proven bug-prone on certain hardware.

2016-06-13(15880) - 'stable'
  • Attempted fix for some rare OpenGL errors.

2016-06-09(15856) - 'stable'
  • Adjusted some of the multithreaded loading logic used with Intel/NVIDIA drivers.
  • New art for Director Ten Shells and Admiral Carver.
  • Various (hidden) diffs related to work in process diplomacy features.

2016-06-05(15823) - 'stable'
  • New character art for Emperor Glitok the Devourer.
  • Colony ships carrying tanks can no longer colonize planets.
  • Fix for a crash that could happen if the screen was resized while waiting on a loading screen.
  • Various (hidden) diffs related to work in process diplomacy features.

2016-05-29(15739) - 'stable'
  • Attempted fix for a rare crash due "undefined fleet reference".
  • Various (hidden) diffs related to work in process diplomacy features.

2016-05-24 (15660) - 'stable'
  • Fix for an exception that could occur after a ship was sent to the trade pool.
  • Various (hidden) diffs related to work in process diplomacy features.

2016-05-23 (15654) - 'stable'
  • Various (hidden) diffs related to work in process diplomacy features.
  • An attempt to fix some graphics driver issues affecting both NVIDIA and Intel chipsets.

2016-05-11 (15464) - 'stable'
  • Attempted fixes for a few glitches related to the loading overlays.
  • Simplified some of the multithreading logic in an attempt to make it more robust.

2016-04-20 (15430) - 'stable'
  • 'Floating Fortresses' and 'Defense Network' now increase the number of defense improvement slots by 1.
  • Fix for a weapon config glitch affecting Orthin destroyers.
  • Starvation warnings should now be more reliable and more informative.

2016-04-19 (15411) - 'stable'
  • Added built-in warp lane amplifiers to all destroyer-sized scout ships.
  • Fixed a few formatting issues in the ship designer screen.
  • Clicking the check box in the save dialog should now more reliably save the game.
  • Space station designs should once again be editable.
  • In new games, an editable "Outpost" design should no longer be visible.
  • Hotfix for a bug caused by games started in builds earlier than r15404.
  • Incomplete implementation of a starvation warning feature.

2016-04-16 (15389) - 'stable'
  • Humanity can no longer research "Dreadnaughts" without first gaining access to "Guidance Systems".
  • Fix for a formatting error in the new technology notification text.
  • Enhanced low-level error checking.
  • Fix for a glitch that was causing some factions to start without Space Stations.

2016-04-15 (15377) - 'stable'
  • Outposts and space stations are now treated as different customizations of the same base hull.
  • Fighter squadrons can now be mounted in 'Station' hardpoints.
  • Outposts constructed in old saves may behave oddly.
  • Adjusted various metal costs.
  • Updated the refit formulas such that it should no longer be possible to save wrenches/metal by building cheaper ship designs, and then refitting them with more expensive components.

2016-04-11 (15316) - 'stable'
  • Significant changes to the AI's autodesign logic.
  • Fix for a strange issue that was causing ship power use calculations to be off.
  • Fix for a bug in the refit ship pane.
  • Hotfix for a bug in the new autodesign system.
  • The default space station design should once again include a construction module.

2016-04-04 (15241) - 'stable'
  • Workaround for an issue that could occur after capturing carriers equipped with bombers / fighters.
  • Adjusted the formula used to calculate the bombing power of ships, it should now take into account damage done to any weapons. (The new formula has also reduced the bombing power of most destroyers, but increased the power of battleships.)

2016-04-01 (15208) - 'stable'
  • Reformatted and expanded the faction descriptions shown on the start screen.
  • Corrected some of the numbers shown in embark/disembark tooltips.
  • Fixes for some rendering glitches that could occur just after a game completed loading.
  • Adjusted the UI scaling rules for non-widescreen format windows.

2016-03-28 (15185) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a bug in the fighter attack shader.
  • A few more tweaks to the prototype loading screen behaviors / implementation.
  • Fixes for some formatting glitches in the planet info screens.
  • Clicking on a transparent "in orbit" population icon should no longer cause a bug.
  • Colonists in colony ships should no longer generate transparent "in orbit" population icons.

2016-03-25 (15165) - 'stable'
  • Loading overlays are now shown in a few places where the game may need to pause.
  • Specifically, the "next turn", "load", and "start game" buttons should all now have a chance of showing overlays if needed.
  • You can disable the overlays (which may cause bugs on some drivers), but running with the commandline option "-no_overlays".
  • Hotfix for a bug caused between an interaction of the new loading panes and the "Continue" button.

2016-03-24 (15149) - 'stable'
  • Temporarily rolling back the loading screen feature, as it was very buggy on my AMD test hardware.

2016-03-22 (15100) - 'stable'
  • You should no longer be able to accumulate research points after your empire has been destroyed.
  • Fix for a bug in the "Stars" box of the Map Settings screen.

2016-03-21 (15098) - 'stable'
  • Updated some of the in-game fonts to have better support for German characters.
  • CTRL+V/CTRL+C can now be used to paste/copy text inside the text edit boxes.
  • Error messages should now include a "COPY" button that will copy the error info to the windows clipboard.
  • Some tweaks to edge-panning behavior in windowed mode.
  • The "number of stars" map setting is now an editable text box.
  • The cursor position shown in text edit boxes should now be more accurate at all resolutions.
  • Semantic strings (like 'LAB') should no longer cause trouble if included in custom planet names.
  • Moving armored units off a planet should no longer cause it to be abandoned.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause an "invalid bombardment request" error during the AI's turn.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause a crash during tactical combat for ships outfitted with shield regenerators.

2016-03-18 (15017) - 'stable'
  • You should now be able to rename planets that you have colonies on by clicking on the planet name in the Planet Info Pane.
  • Various improvements for the text edit boxes in the save game and ship designer panes.
  • SiS should no longer attempt to render frames faster than your monitor can display them.
  • Windowed-mode close warnings should be working as intended.
  • '%' is no longer allowed in ship or planet names.
  • Extended ASCII glyphs should now be rendered properly, when available.
  • Hotfix for a bug that could cause a crash when opening certain ship design screens.
  • Hotfix for a bug that caused ship stats to display in odd colors.

2016-03-16 (14983) - 'stable'
  • Another fix for a population rounding glitch; multi-species planet growth should now be less likely to terminate 1 colonist short of an integer value.
  • Clicking on the close-window 'x' when playing in windowed mode will now pop up an 'Are you sure' confirmation message, rather than exiting the game immediately.
  • SiS should now remember the position and size of it's window, in addition to the fullscreen/windowed setting.
  • Fixes for some display glitches involving population and fleet movement preview lines.
  • Updated the design stats shown in the ship designer to include separate "wrench" and "metal" costs.
  • Refit projects now include a metal cost.

2016-03-13 (14957) - 'stable'
  • AI factions exempted from the normal economic rules should no longer try to set and buy production on their worlds (a behavior that can lead to glitches).
  • Improved on-hover tooltips in the Planetary Report pane.
  • A few fixes for rounding issues that could leave planetary populations in confusing states.

2016-03-10 (14940) - 'stable'
  • Expanded on-hover behaviors inside the Choose Production screen.
  • Add some descriptive text related to swamp planets/habitats.
  • Orbital structures scrapped due to the destruction of their home planet should no longer cause a bug.

2016-03-09 (14927) - 'stable'
  • Adjusted the hardpoints of the Phidi Scout/Destroyer/Torpedo Destroyer.
  • Phidi Scouts from old saves may not properly integrate all of the above changes. Your old saves have thus been marked as "bugs likely".
  • Added hooks for more dropdown menu options in the population move dialog.
  • Changed the ground combat power glyph.
  • The "remainder rounding" rules applied after population transfer orders should now be more consistent.
  • Hitting the "cheat" button in the Options pane will now generate an event notification.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause the planetary report pane scroll position to reset at odd times.
  • The ground combat power bonus unlocked by "Personal Shields" should now be correctly applied.

2016-03-06 (14901) - 'stable'
  • Population / tanks in orbit should now appear in the planet's population panes, making them easier to embark/disembark.
  • Added plus/minus buttons to the population transport dialog.
  • Left-clicking multiple times on a source planet should now embark multiple units of population.
  • It should now be possible to embark tanks from planets with < 1 population.
  • Shield piercing weapons should work properly again. (Piercing tier 1 and 2 shields, but not 3+.)

2016-03-05 (14882) - 'stable'
  • Fusion Beams are now called "Primary Beams".
  • Upgraded to FMOD v1.07, and FMOD errors should now have more verbose output.
  • "Defense Primaries" have been added a late-game pd-weapon.
  • New UI for moving population, and some rule adjustments related to population motion.
  • The "Accurate" modification should no longer be unlocked for weapons that always hit.
  • Human scouts now have an armor hardpoint, like all other military ships.
  • Dread Stars now have a larger number of smaller weapon mounts.
  • Shields should work again.
  • Armored units should no longer vanish after boarding certain transports.
  • Ships from old saves may not properly integrate all of the above changes. Your old saves have thus been marked as "bugs likely".

2016-02-28 (14805) - 'stable'
  • Updated the in-game docs for torpedoes, anti-missiles, and energy torpedoes.
  • Anti-missiles can now be mounted on 'Missile' hardpoints.
  • All kinetic weapons now have the "Shield Piercing" special.
  • Force fields and Temporal Displacement fields are now able to resist the "Shield Piercing" special.
  • The human and ashdar CLMs and the human BB now have a built-in "extra munitions" system.
  • All missile/torpedo weapons now carry sufficient munitions for 3 attacks (up from 2).
  • All shields should now regenerate at a base 25% rate at the start of each turn.
  • Damage to shield generator systems should be immediately reflected in the stats of the damaged ship.
  • Shield regenerator systems should now correctly increase your shield regeneration rate, as described in their info text.
  • Starships from old saves may not properly integrate all of the above mechanics/balance changes. Your old saves have thus been marked as "bugs likely".

2016-02-26 (14783) - 'stable'
  • A simple optimization for fleet icon drawing.

2016-02-25 (14764) - 'stable'
  • Testing some star orbit drawing optimizations.
  • A 64-bit build of SiS can now be found at Stars in Shadow/sis64.exe.
  • Bug fixes for the aforementioned 64-bit build.
  • Ships that were retreating should immediately stop retreating, if their engines are disabled.

2016-02-22 (14721) - 'stable'
  • Memory management changes that may reduce crashes on Intel laptops.
  • Optimizations for the top bar content display.
  • Optimizations for the planet list pane.
  • A few simple optimizations that should speed up rendering of large star maps.

2016-02-06 (14681) - 'stable'
  • Fixes for a few ground combat bugs.
  • Fix for a minor bug involving right-click fleet motion.
  • Hotkeys for next/prev planet buttons (Q and E).

2016-01-31 (14675) - 'stable'
  • An attempt to fix a sun shader glitch affecting some older AMD/ATI cards.
  • The asset checking phase can now be triggered explicitly using the updater.

2016-01-27 (14669) - 'stable'
  • Hovertanks and battle mechs should now have appropriate art.
  • The AI should be more likely to build ground units when appropriate.
  • The glowing scrollbars should now have better responses to left-mouse clicks.

2016-01-26 (14654) - 'stable'
  • Initial implementation of the new ground combat rules.
  • Updated various techs/mechanics related to ground combat.
  • Pressing the space bar now has the same effect as clicking 'next turn'.
  • Added on-hover embark/disembark to the population icons in the controlled planet pane.
  • Fix for an issue that could prevent ships under AI control from advancing during a battle.
  • Fix for an issue that was sometimes preventing "derelict colony" information from displaying properly.
  • All old saves are now marked as "INCOMPATIBLE".

2016-01-08 (14486) - 'stable'
  • Updates for a few icons.
  • Added a planet's fertility rating to the planet info summary.
  • Some ships (including the Ashdar BC and Human BB) should no longer be rotated by 45 degrees in the ship design screen.

2016-01-06 (14474) - 'stable'
  • The game should no longer throw an exception if your empire is destroyed due to starvation.
  • Saving, then reloading a game in which your empire has been eliminated should no longer cause a bug.
  • The AI should take better advantage of available weapon modifications.
  • Gremak now start the game with 'Marauder Weaponry' researched.
  • Humans now start the game with 'Artificial Organisms' researched.
  • Extra start condition perks for easy mode humans.
  • On 'easy' difficultly, marauders should abstain from raiding for the first 20 turns.
  • Stored construction progress on planets destroyed via bombardment or starvation should now be removed.

2016-01-03 (14445) - 'stable'
  • Some minor UI improvements.
  • Various behind-the-scenes changes in supports of the new ground combat features.
  • Framerate optimizations for the tactical combat multi-weapon attack UI.
  • Hotfix for a bug on battle completion.

2015-12-26 (14401) - 'stable'
  • Partial construction progress from a conquered planet's prior owner should no longer carry over.
  • New colony notification should now always reference the correct planet.

2015-12-18 (14384) - 'stable'
  • Updated layouts for derelict colony and native population notifications.
  • New games should have more varied pirate fleets.
  • More verbose on-hover text for some production pane items.

2015-12-16 (14375) - 'stable'
  • New and improved technology link behaviors for research complete notifications.
  • Art updates for a few of the icons.
  • Completed colony base projects should now generate a "new colony" notification.
  • Colony and outpost ships should now only generate notifications on the turn they arrive in a new star system.

2015-12-12 (14364) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause missiles fired by the AI to disappear during their launch animations.
  • Fix for a bug in the AI's handling of ship metal costs.
  • Added on-hover ship stat info overlays to the choose production pane.

2015-12-09 (14350) - 'stable'
  • Removed the stockpile activity. Excess production is no longer shared between construction projects.
  • Fix for a bug involving AI tradeship production.
  • AIs should cheat less egregiously.
  • Scrapping ships now yields metal.
  • Reduced the number of troop transports built by AIs.
  • Old saves may still load, but, planets that had been set to "Stockpile" will likely have bugs.

2015-12-07 (14322) - 'stable'
  • Updated some resource and improvement icons.
  • Fix for a bug related to improper handling of containment fields.

2015-12-03 (14309) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a clipping issue affecting Gremak population icons.
  • Updated some of the sun shaders.
  • Added some racial perk info in the faction selection screen.

2015-11-27 (14244) - 'stable'
  • Unarmed ships no longer be able to enforce blockades.
  • Hovering over the Food icon now provides information on blockade status, when appropriate.
  • The "Containment Fields" techs should now work as described.

2015-11-20 (14192) - 'stable'
  • Current draft of the expanded resource system (AI issues still exist).
  • Humans now start the game with a relic Heavy Cruiser (they'll need to tech up before building more).

2015-10-31 (13885) - 'stable'
  • Fix for an engine plume rendering glitch affecting some ATI/AMD cards.

2015-10-08 (13843) - 'stable'
  • Double clicking on a ship in the tactical map will now select all visible ships of the same type.

2015-10-04 (13837) - 'stable'
  • Fixes for a couple bugs related to resolving ignored intervention notifications.

2015-10-01 (13829) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a strategic UI bug that could cause a "empty fleet" exception.
  • Fix for a tactical UI bug that could case a "attempt to index nil" exception.
  • Fix for a bug that could cause you to lose the ability to perform actions during a tactical battle.

2015-09-30 (13819) - 'stable'
  • Editing designs for ships that have been bought should have less-confusing side effects.
  • Fixes for some odd behaviors in the battle summery pane.
  • Patch for a bug introduced by the Dread Star SSB mount.

2015-09-29 (13812) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a bug that could cause you to gain control of the enemy ships during a tactical battle.
  • In a tactical battle, the set of selected ships should now persist after hitting "end turn".
  • The Dread Star hull can now mount siege weapons.
  • Adding the 'City Planning' activity to a production queue should no longer cause a bug.

2015-09-27 (13801) - 'stable'
  • When the current ship selection includes several identical weapons, those weapons will attack simultaneously.
  • Selecting individual weapons in the weapon console will allow you to attack with only one weapon at a time.
  • Pressing TAB will cycle through the list of selectable weapons.
  • Hotfix for a tactical state consistency bug, one introduced by an earlier version of the multi-fire feature.

2015-09-23 (13772) - 'stable'
  • Added tactical text feedback for boarding actions.
  • Percent to hit chances will now show as on-hover overlays when previewing attack actions.
  • Tactical data restructuring -- battles from prior save games will not load properly.
  • Added missing antimatter torpedo, generic nuclear torpedo assets.

2015-09-22 (13753) - 'stable'
  • New coilgun attack animations.
  • The game should no longer crash if you attempt to refit a captured ship that includes parts you can't construct yourself.
  • Transports and colony ships should now be placed closer to the outside edge of a fleet formation.
  • Ships with larger numbers of point defense weapons should now be placed closer to the center of a fleet formation.
  • Humans now have the ability to refit captured alien ships.

2015-09-17 (13704) - 'stable'
  • Initial implementation of the "Energy Torpedo" weapon type.
  • Pulson Launchers and Vipers are not both classified as energy torpedoes.

2015-09-16 (13688) - 'stable'
  • The "Long Range" weapon modification should now work as described.
  • Fix for a display glitch affecting Gremak torpedo mounts.
  • Drag panning should once again work during left-click fleet move orders.
  • Fixed a bug involving Pulson Launchers and ancient archives.
  • Small AI optimization.

2015-09-14 (13676) - 'stable'
  • Fix for an info display problem that could cause an error when displaying the Energy Torpedoes tech.
  • Some techs have been reclassified, forming the "Plasma" field.
  • The AI should be less likely to equip weapons with the Leech or EMP specials.

2015-09-12 (13665) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a splinter colony annexation bug.
  • Building Bombers when no missile techs have been researched should no longer cause a crash.

2015-09-11 (13662) - 'stable'
  • A few tech description updates.
  • The Teros should now gain access to the "Escort Carrier" hull after researching "Escort Carrier".
  • Selecting ships that mount a shield capacitor should no longer cause a bug.
  • The tech icons in the research screens should now better match those in the draft tech chart.
  • Fix for a bug involving the AI's handling of orbital infrastructure.
  • Transports carrying population should now return to military command if they arrive at a world that has been destroyed or captured.

2015-09-10 (13633) - 'stable'
  • Most of the ship hardpoint specifications have changed. In general, large ships now have many more designer slots.
  • Orthin hulls now have slots for a "Capacitor" special. However, capacitors currently do nothing.
  • The tech tree has changed significantly. Many tier 3 and tier 4 techs have been added, but most are unimplemented, and currently do nothing in game.
  • Redesigning the Orthin Exploration Vessel should no longer trigger a bug.
  • The rules governing marauder planetary improvements are now somewhat more honest.
  • Various changes to AI behaviors.
  • These changes are not backwards compatible -- your old saves will no longer load.

2015-08-25 (13536) - 'stable'
  • The tabs in the Choose Planet Production pane should now function as intended.
  • Various small improvements to the right-click and drag fleet move semantic.
  • Fixes for some small bugs in the left-click fleet move UI.
  • Raiding fleets should no longer retreat if preemptively attacked.
  • Fix for a bug in the fleet initiative logic.
  • The Phidi should now once again start the game with a scout ship.
  • Phidi scout ship designs created in older games will manifest some minor bugs.
  • Marauders who volunteer to join a Gremak empire should no longer cause a bug.

2015-08-24 (13514) - 'stable'
  • The Fleet Report pane now contains a list of your fleets.
  • The default names for "Transport" and "Troopship" designs should once again be correct.
  • Fix for a bug in which embarking colonists onto a Phidi Trade Ship could cause them to be destroyed.
  • Fix for a bug related to retreating Marauder fleets.
  • Most military transport designs should now equip planetary assault forces, rather than fighters, by default.

2015-08-23 (13492) - 'stable'
  • Ancient archives will now sometimes grant tech advances.
  • All "Reactor" hardpoints have been replaced with generic "System" hardpoints.
  • Most Scout ship design templates have changed. In many cases, scouts are treated as a specialization of other hulls.
  • Fix for a marauder relations bug.
  • These changes are incompatible with old saves -- your old save games will no longer load.

2015-08-21 (13474) - 'stable'
  • Pirate bases are temporarily disabled.
  • Marauder bases have expanded dialog trees -- you can contact marauder leaders by clicking on the "talk" on-hover icon appearing on their world.
  • Marauder\Pirate encounters in older saves are likely to be buggy.
  • Minor AI bugfix.

2015-08-17 (13440) - 'stable'
  • Raider tributes\bribes are now recurring costs.
  • Pirate and raider bases will now launch raids.

2015-08-15 (13421) - 'stable'
  • Adjustments to the galaxy setup logic.
  • Splinter colonies have been added to the game.

2015-08-12 (13397) - 'stable'
  • A few small updater changes -- "connection lost" messages should become less common.
  • Resource caches can now be discovered in some systems.
  • It should no longer be possible to colonize planets in systems with unresolved NPC encounters.

2015-08-11 (13371) - 'stable'
  • Derelict colonies can now be discovered on some planets.
  • Fix for a cursor alignment bug in the UI for recalling trade ships.
  • Beam weapons should no longer get an extra shot after destroying an enemy ship.

2015-07-28 (13341) - 'stable'
  • Added a "single_thread_textures" option (intended for debugging hardware glitches).
  • Tweaked the on-click behavior of construction and captured colony reports.
  • Fix for a bug involving renaming ship designs that are currently referenced in production queues.

2015-07-25 (13327) - 'stable'
  • The AI will now only declare war on empires it suspects it can conquer.
  • The AI will no longer favor human players when deciding who to declare war on.

2015-07-24 (13321) - 'stable'
  • Added a reticle highlighting the currently selected star system.
  • Gave the AI some start condition advantages in hard and normal mode games.
  • AIs should no longer declare war on each other by default. (Though they will still auto-attack the player.)
  • Hard mode AIs now have global cost reductions for techs and ship building.

2015-07-22 (13299) - 'stable'
  • Added retreat and autocombat buttons to the tactical HUD.
  • Fighters targeting missiles should now properly "chain" attacks.
  • Tactical AI tweaks.

2015-07-21 (13286) - 'stable'
  • Removed auto-selection of new research projects.
  • Fix for a bug in the auto retreat option.

2015-07-20 (13272) - 'stable'
  • Fixes for a few minor UI bugs.
  • Autocombat / autoretreat buttons now appear in many of the attack/defend uis.
  • Ending the turn while important events are still unresolved will now trigger a warning dialog.
  • AI tweaks.

2015-07-18 (13237) - 'stable'
  • The fullscreen/windowed setting should now persist between play sessions.
  • Fleet selection glows.
  • A few tweaks to the report UIs.

2015-07-16 (13203) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a missile retargeting glitch.
  • Additional ETA displays for moving fleets.
  • Added extra buttons to construction and research reports.

2015-07-15 (13168) - 'stable'
  • Added an end turn banner.
  • Fix for a bug related to the new construction report semantics.

2015-07-14 (13154) - 'stable'
  • Various changed to the event notification UI, most related to "construction complete" reports.
  • Bombers should no longer run out of ammo.
  • Fix for a display glitch related to queued planet colonization projects.

2015-07-10 (13115) - 'stable'
  • Tactical combat AI changes.
  • WASD keys can be used for panning.
  • Additional crash-reporting tools.

2015-07-10 (13112) - 'stable'
  • Unarmed ships will no longer be automatically selected to participate in battles.
  • Fixed weapons can now fire on missiles that overlap their ship's tactical tile.
  • Missiles fired on retreated ships will no longer be destroyed when it retreats.
  • The "Battleship" tech can now only be researched by factions capable of building battleships.
  • A few tweaks to the motion rules for retreating and redirected fleets.

2015-07-09 (13100) - 'stable'
  • Updated art assets for some weapons.
  • Retreating in combat will now force your ships to enter hyperspace.
  • New rules for the behavior of ships who's supply lines have been cut.
  • Most civilian hulls now require 2 turns to retreat from combat (with the exception of Phidi transports).

2015-07-08 (13077) - 'stable'
  • Various small changes to the population move UI.
  • Queuing refit projects is temporarily disabled.
  • Attempted fix for the disappearing cursor bug.
  • Reduced the number of spurious "fleet repaired" notifications.
  • Updated the game menu frame \ layout.

2015-07-02 (13040) - 'stable'
  • A new toggle in the options pane "overlay ship ranges" will cause the range circle overlays to be shown at all times.
  • Buying production no longer prevents you from opening the building selection menu.
  • Prev/next buttons now appear in the controlled planet pane.
  • Fix for a bug in the planet defense design screen.
  • Fix for a bug in which planet bombardment could leave worlds in an ambiguous ownership state.

2015-07-01 (13027) - 'stable'
  • Updated gas giant textures and spawning / placement probabilities.
  • Gremak and Human transports will now vary their appearance based on what they're carrying.
  • A few tweaks aimed at tracking down a crash inside the intel graphics driver.

2015-06-26 (13000) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a range-circle rendering glitch affecting Intel graphics drivers.
  • Phidi transports will now visibly change their configuration to reflect what they're carrying.
  • Quitting the updater before asset checking is complete should no longer lead to many confusing error messages.

2015-06-25 (12981) - 'stable'
  • Adjusted planet habitats and race affinities.
  • All the homeworlds that appear to have unique climates (Verrold, Bacabs IV, Rastaban II, and Tendao), now do in fact have unique climates.
  • Expanded the in-game documentation on planet climate zones.
  • New art for hot Gas Giants.
  • Several transport ships (Orthin, Ashdar, Yoral) now have visibly different configurations depending on what they're carrying.

2015-06-23 (12945) - 'stable'
  • AI tweaks
  • New textures for Glacier worlds (the Verrold asset is now unique to the Yoral starting system)
  • Adjusted strategic ranges slightly (this will only take effect in new games).
  • Range previews will now appear when queuing up fleet motion orders.

2015-06-19 (12911) - 'stable'
  • Planets now have production queues.
  • Reduced the default number of races in small and normal sized maps.
  • Reduced the texture footprint of many UI elements (may improve stability/performance on some intel laptops).
  • Various changes aimed at reducing latency, particularly in late-game situations.
  • New textures for standard Iceball worlds (the Bacabs IV asset is now unique to the Orthin homeworld).

2015-06-15 (12819) - 'stable'
  • Better clipping and positioning of ship profiles in multi-ship groups.
  • Fix for a galaxy map initialization bug.

2015-06-12 (12811) - 'stable'
  • Various updates to the planet production panes.
  • Settling 10+ different races on Gaia should no longer cause a bug.
  • Shift-selecting large numbers of ships should no longer cause a bug.
  • bad_alloc exceptions should now also give you the option of saving a crash.dmp diagnostic file.
  • Improvements should no longer have fractional coin values when sold for scrap.
  • Fix for a glitch related to exploding shipyards.

2015-06-08 (12738) - 'stable'
  • Empty heavy mounts should now correctly display the number of *heavy* weapons they can mount.
  • The number of heavy weapon mounts available on some ship hulls has changed.
  • Mousing over a planetary improvement icon while in a tactical battle should no longer cause a bug.
  • Ships and missiles should be less-likely to "flicker" out of existence during certain tactical animations.

2015-06-05 (12729) - 'stable'
  • Experimental starfield background changes.
  • Fix for a small bug affecting games started prior to June 5th.
  • Updated art for construction modules, boarding modules, reinforced bulkheads, and blast doors.
  • AI adjustments.

2015-06-03 (12698) - 'stable'
  • Reduced the motion bonus for warp lane amplifiers.
  • In new games, the AI should design and use troop transports.
  • The "faster animations" option should now be visible.
  • Adjusted shield and armor values.
  • Adjusted planetary defense stats.

2015-06-02 (12678) - 'stable'
  • New and improved planet textures (Inferno, Gremal clouds, Gaia and Tendao lights)
  • Capturing an enemy outpost should no longer lead to a bug.
  • Torpedo energy costs have been adjusted.
  • The minimap should now longer attempt to draw missiles that do not yet exist.

2015-05-29 (12645) - 'stable'
  • Glitches in the encounter auto-resolution system should no longer prevent you from proceeding to the next turn.
  • Crashes due to corrupt missile drawing data should be less-likely.
  • Crashes to desktop should now give you the option of generating a diagnostic crash.dmp file.

2015-05-27 (12629) - 'stable'
  • Partial implementation of the galaxy setup screen.

2015-05-25 (12578) - 'stable'
  • Fix for an AI callback bug.
  • Fix for a colony ship routing bug.

2015-05-21 (12534) - 'stable'
  • AI Tweaks.
  • Added an option for "smaller production items".
  • Added an option for "fast animations".
  • Expanded the range of allowed tactical zooms.

2015-05-19 (12512) - 'stable'
  • Humans no longer start with a light cruiser.
  • Removed the industrial production penalties for Orthin and Phidi colonists.
  • Various AI changes.
  • Updated some of the in-game text.
  • Lowered bombardment values for all ships. Also, non-integer bombardment is now legal.

2015-05-12 (12453) - 'stable'
  • Humans no longer start with any colonies. Also, their starting fleet now contains a light cruiser.
  • The defending player now moves first in tactical battles.
  • Empires with no inhabited worlds are no longer required to pay ship upkeep costs.
  • Planets are now able to build colony bases on neighboring worlds within their star system.
  • Techs that claim to increase scan distance should now function as described.

2015-05-11 (12432) - 'stable'
  • You can no longer issue movement orders to transports operating under civilian command.
  • Planets should no longer be able to move 1 tile during the first turn of combat.
  • Updated the "Welcome to Beta" text.
  • Any ship in hyperspace can now be detected if it is within scanner range (even if it is traveling between two stars you have never explored.)
  • Reduced texture footprint during game load events (this may improve stability on certain hardware configurations.)

2015-05-07 (12393) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a display glitch affecting some Orthin cruisers.
  • Fix for an icon display glitch affecting some Phidi ships.
  • Planetary bombardment should no longer sometimes result in negative populations.
  • Building transports (including outpost transports) no longer requires orbital infrastructure.
  • Fixes for cases where starvation was causing excessive casualties on the affected planet.
  • Fixes for some planet population display glitches.
  • Primitive races should no longer populate newly built colony ships.

2015-05-06 (12375) - 'stable'
  • Building an outpost around a world no longer allows you to dodge the normal planet-type colonization restrictions.
  • The launch distance of missiles and fighters has been dramatically reduced.
  • A few changes to the logic around weapon damage types -- Leech missiles should now work as described.
  • The next turn button will now say "game over" if your empire has been eliminated.
  • Reduced the texture footprints of most planets. Hopefully, this will improve stability.

2015-04-30 (12354) - 'stable'
  • Added tooltips to many of the elements in the planet production screen.
  • The resource production values in the planet summary pane should now be correct.

2015-04-27 (12342) - 'stable'
  • Some quick rebalancing of several beam weapon damage values.
  • Improvements / bug fixes for the Queue Research button.
  • You should no longer be able to initiate colonist move orders on planets you do not control.

2015-04-25 (12316) - 'stable'
  • Bug fixes related to the new boarding mechanics.
  • Double clicking on a tech in the research list now selects that tech as the current research target.
  • Quick implementation of a "Queue Research" button, which makes it possible to target a technology that requires some prerequisite techs. In cases where there are multiple paths to a target technology, clicking "Queue Research" multiple times will cycle through them.

2015-04-22 (12304) - 'stable'
  • Turbolasers have been added to the game.
  • Additional resource production information is now shown in the planet list pane.
  • Bug fix related to ship motion.

2015-04-21 (12297) - 'stable'
  • Adjusted some technology costs.
  • Dense beam weapon effects should now be less likely to cause rendering errors.
  • Some tweaks to the way fullscreen mode switching works.
  • The AI should no longer attack enemy ships that it has captured.
  • Capturing a ship now disables all of it's remaining systems.
  • Fixes for a few bugs in the production progress bar.
  • Changed the way motion points are consumed during multi-ship move actions.

2015-04-18 (12272) - 'stable'
  • Corrected the in-game docs on income mechanics.
  • Destroying an outpost should no longer lead to bugs related to star/planet ownership.
  • Several weapon damage values have been adjusted.
  • Ships should no longer display the 'insufficient range' warning in cases where they do in fact have sufficient range.
  • Transports are now an editable design. They can be outfitted with either cargo modules or planetary assault forces.
  • Changed some hardpoint names.
  • Marauder guard fleets are now much more dangerous.
  • Merged the 'Light Cruiser' and 'Advanced Metallurgy' techs.
  • Space Stations are now an editable design -- 'Construction Modules' have been added to the game, these must be equipped on stations in order to unlock higher ship production tiers.
  • These changes will likely lead to bugs in many old saves!
  • All non-human factions now start with a factory on their starting world.
  • Many ship construction costs have changed -- this is the start of a broader rebalancing pass.

2015-04-15 (12244) - 'stable'
  • Mounting Ion Artillery on planet defense designs should no longer cause an exception.
  • A few little fixs related to NPC spawns.

2015-04-14 (12234) - 'stable'
  • Changed the on-close behavior for the design screen.
  • Assorted minor art asset / text fixups.
  • Tooltips for most of the right-side notification icons.

2015-04-12 (12219) - 'stable'
  • A few changes related to graphics error handling.
  • Fix for an exception related to planet attack actions.
  • Fixes related to beam attack animations on Planets and Dread Stars.
  • A few AI changes.

2015-04-11 (12208) - 'stable'
  • Gaiad growth rates have been significantly reduced.
  • Tech Tree tweaks (Anti Missiles, Advanced Metallurgy, and Small Craft now have different prereqs, the redundant tech 'Fighters' has been removed).
  • New on-hover buttons for colony ships and outpost transports.
  • Station names are now displayed on mouse-hover.

2015-04-10 (r12199) - 'stable'
  • Added on-hover behaviors to planets in the bottom bar.
  • Transports can now be sent to the trade pool via an on-hover icon.
  • Colonists can now embark/disembark via an on-hover icon.
  • Fix for a tooltip string formatting bug.
  • Continued little tweaks of the fleet-splitting ship-selection UI.
  • Tweak for the caustics shader setup on Radeon 5000-series cards.
  • Fix for a bug related to ongoing conversations with pirates who have been destroyed.
  • Rough draft of a 'radio button' driven research selection UI.
  • Fix for a bug related to on-hover icons on planets with outposts.

2015-04-09 (r12162) - 'stable'
  • More selection behavior tweaks.
  • Adjusted the spawn rates of NPC factions.
  • Adjusted a couple tech names.
  • All old saves are broken! (I've made incompatible changes to the way fleet data is stored).

2015-04-06 (r12121) - 'stable'
  • Bombers and missiles can no longer be used to shoot down missiles.
  • Both right and left clicks can now be used to complete a boarding action.
  • Various changes to the bottom bar -- there should be fewer visual glitches.
  • The fleet "Move" text has been replaced with a ship icon.
  • Fixed the Orthin's logo setup (which was causing an exception in some games).
  • New icons for colony and transport reports.
  • Fix for a bug involving Phidi population transports ("attempt to index global 'icon_configs'").
  • Playing around with some new left/right click behaviors in the fleet pane.

2015-04-03 (r12083) - 'stable'
  • Gremal, Bacabs IV, Rastaban II, Tendao and Verrold should now change their graphics if their type is changed via terraforming.
  • Fix for a rare exception related to missile paths ("unexpectedly small t value in thinplate interp").
  • Updated the Attack action HUD to better reflect the current missile/torpedo munition rules.

2015-04-01 (r12076) - 'stable'
  • The new reactive fire rules should now be applied properly in the case of weapons that do not rotate.
  • Torpedoes should now work.
  • Anti-missiles function -- though their animations still aren't setup properly.
  • Damage values for all missiles and torpedoes have been adjusted.
  • Battles started in older saves may be buggy.

2015-03-31 (r12063) - 'stable'
  • Attempting to launch Phidi Interceptors should no longer cause a crash.
  • System encounters should no longer display an "Attack" option when attacking is not an option.
  • Various changes related to reactive fire. Importantly:
  • Point Defense weapons should now provide covering fire for other friendly ships.
  • There is now an overwatch mechanic that should cause unfired beam weapons to automatically attack enemy ships moving to within medium range.
  • A few missile / fighter speeds have been adjusted.
  • Battles started in older builds may be buggy.

2015-03-28 (r12039) - 'stable'
  • Fix for the "push a state that doesn't have a valid reference" bug.
  • Hitting ctrl+b will now open a "Battle History" pane (this is intended mostly as a dev feature.)
  • You should no longer be able to attack NPCs before completing your interactions with them.

2015-03-27 (r12026) - 'stable'
  • Refitting a station should no longer prevent you from scrapping it.
  • Tweaking the planet shader a little.
  • Better event reporting in the case of: game victory, empire eliminated, forced production change.

2015-03-26 (r12018) - 'stable'
  • Fix for crash caused by the dice rolling code.
  • Better handling for attacks that involve firing missiles from launchers that are low on ammo.
  • Fixes for some bugs related to encounter resolution.

2015-03-25 (r12012) - 'stable'
  • After uploading an error log, you will now be provided with a unique game-reference number.

2015-03-24 (r12005) - 'stable'
  • Tweaked the G-type star shader on AMD/ATI cards.
  • Multithreading change I hope will improve performance and stability on AMD cards.
  • Fix for a bug that could occur when closing recorded battles.
  • Fix for an icon config problem affecting the Yoral Outpost Transport.
  • Building an outpost around a planet should no longer prevent you from colonizing it.
  • You should no longer be able to fire on ships that are already destroyed.

2015-03-23 (r11994) - 'stable'
  • Right-clicking on a star while population transports are selected will no longer lead to a bug.
  • The production windows should now always be moved to the foreground when the wrench icon is clicked.
  • Fix for a crash during galaxy setup.
  • The Haduir now start with a Space Station around Ashdar Prime.

2015-03-22 (r11983) - 'stable'
  • Planets can no longer self-destruct.
  • The AI should no longer attempt to launch missiles for which it has insufficient ammunition.
  • The default galaxy size has increased slightly.

2015-03-21 (r11979) - 'stable'
  • Orange stars should no longer have visual artifacts on Radeon 4/5 series cards.
  • Disabled multithreaded texture loading for AMD/ATI cards.
  • Removed a false-positive error related to orbit reports.
  • All weapons mounted on planets and stations should now have 360-degree fields of fire.

2015-03-20 (r11973) - 'stable'
  • AIs in stalemated battles should now offer each other cease-fires, which should fix the mysterious "failed to resolve battle at X" errors many people have reported.
  • It should no longer be possible to build ships with non-integer armor values (starting a battle using such a ship causes a bug).

2015-03-19 (r11970) - 'stable'
  • Fixes for some of the button hitboxes (you should now be able to click anywhere on more of the UI buttons, rather than just on the displayed text).
  • Tweaked the UI positioning logic for encounter dialogs, planet panes, and ship info panes.
  • Testing a a mechanic in where you can move a fleet via a right-click on the target star, without first selecting "move".
  • On opening a new tactical battle, the view should now be centered on the lead ship of your fleet.
  • pd weapon responsive firing should be working again.

2015-03-18 (r11951) - 'stable'
  • Fix for a bug that occurred after encountering pirates who's home star system has been conquered.

2015-03-16 (r11949) - 'stable'
  • The game should now start properly if the icon is pinned to the Windows task bar.
  • Missiles can now be mounted on size-1 hardpoints.
  • Tweaked the drag-pan mouse click handling a little.
  • Left-mouse panning is now possible in tactical battles. (shift-drag triggers a multi-ship selection.)
  • Reduced damage from ship explosions. Ships are also less-likely to explode.

2015-03-15 (r11939) - 'stable'
  • The parts visible on ships should now more closely match those shown in their design schematics.
  • Only ships with full motion points are allowed to retreat.
  • Retreating ships have a new animation.

2015-03-14 (r11923) - 'stable'
  • It's now possible to order a pure rotate move without selecting the ROTATE command.
  • Rotation costs for small and medium ships have been reduced.
  • It should no longer be possible to delete a ship design that is currently under construction.
  • Fixed a station refit bug.
  • Tweaks for texture handling -- may make AMD cards a little less bug-prone.
  • Changes to pirate/marauder encounter data -- old saves may break.

2015-03-11 (r11896) - 'stable'
  • The Orthin military leader "Analyst Mad Claw", now has unique art.
  • The README.txt file now contains a brief description of some of the hidden dev/modder options.
  • The option to colonize a planet should no longer disappear after right-clicking on a "settlers have arrived" report.
  • Left-click drag panning now works during fleet move and population transfer orders.
  • Right-click can no longer be used to dismiss the report associated with an active battle.
  • Various changes to the tactical UI:
  • When a tactical command is not selected, right clicking may trigger an attack or move, depending on where the cursor is.
  • Selected tactical commands are now triggered on a left-click or a right-click
  • When processing tactical move commands, ships will now move to a nearby valid location, if the tile directly underneath the cursor implies an invalid move.

2015-03-09 (r11869) - 'stable'
  • New art assets for Human and Yoral science leaders
  • A couple options intended only for developers have been removed from the options pane.
  • The options pane now includes a "fullscreen" toggle.
  • Various tweaks for the Galaxy Map UI:
  • Left-click and drag will now pan the galaxy map.
  • Added a new UI option: "hide pan cursor".
  • Right click no longer clears the current galaxy map selection.
  • A brief left-click now clears the current galaxy map selection.
  • Hitting 'escape' now clears the current galaxy map selection.
  • Hitting 'escape' when nothing is selected now opens the main menu.
  • A gear icon in the top bar can now be used to open the main menu.
  • Hitting F10 will also open the main menu.
  • Right-clicking on a report icon will now dismiss that report (autoresolving it if necessary).

2015-02-21 (r11788) - 'stable'
  • Entering a tab in a save game name no longer causes a bug.
  • Fix for a "score_to_comp_xy is missing required field" bug in the tactical UI.
  • Fixed at least one tactical state consistency bug.
  • Better behaviors for the start screen background inside unusual screen resolutions.
  • Marauder planets have a wider range of possible reactions on meeting the player's fleets.
  • New behaviors for Pirate and Maurauder encounters -- but these will not occur in old save games.
  • Pirate or marauder encounters in old saves may cause glitches.

2015-02-19 (r11747) - 'stable'
  • Many of the game's icons have been updated.
  • The right-side report icon list should no longer disappear or move to strange locations.
  • Ravin the Unrelenting now has a small navy with which to back up his threats.
  • In 4x3 resolutions, the planetary report pane will now be hidden, rather than closed, when
    other panes are opened over it.
  • In the turn when a ship first arrives in a new star system, their empire will receive an initiative penalty in that system.
    This means that your scouts should no longer be able to counter-attack when attacked by pirates while exploring.
  • You should now be able to scrap space stations as long as there are no pending attacks on the planet that station is orbiting.
  • Old saves may experience bugs / glitches associated with changes to the report handling system.

2015-02-13 (r11667) - 'stable'
  • The Options pane now includes a toggle to enable more ambient spinning star system animations.
  • Scuttling ships involved in unresolved battles should now be impossible.
  • Little fix for the crash-on-launch experienced by AMD 7xxx series chips.
  • Added some more descriptive text to the tech tree.

2015-02-12 - 'stable'
  • There is now a "patch notes" button in the updater that will open the "Development Changelog" thread on the sis forums.
  • Depending on your "Remember Me" settings, you may be prompted to log into the forums if you click this button.
  • You will now need to hit "Play" after the updater has completed updating your game -- sis.exe will no longer launch implicitly.
  • (New updater features will only take effect after your copy of the game goes through it's next update cycle.)

2015-02-11 - 'stable'
  • Fixed a bug in which gamestate from the prior game was not being properly scrubbed in the event of a load. (ty luciderous for help isolating this one.)
  • Fixed a bug in the ship designer: drag and drop graphics should now line up properly when the game is played at lower resolution settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the transport "embark" command could cause an exception if you clicked on a planet marked as an invalid population source.
  • The end-game ship type previous called a 'Planetoid' is now called a 'Dread Star'.
  • Dread Stars include a dedicated reactor slot (the older 'Planetoid' class did not).
  • Save games in which players have researched the "Mobile Planetoid" tech may have some minor glitches.

2015-02-09 - 'stable'
  • A little UI tweaking -- fixes for some (but not all) of the layout problems introduced by the planet summary pane.
  • Leech missiles should now function properly inside the tactical battles.
  • Various fixes around the behavior of ship refits in the planet production pane.

2015-02-08 - 'stable'
  • A preliminary version of the planet summary pane can now be accessed by clicking on the wrench icon in the top bar of the strategic pane.
  • Let me know if the planet list feature breaks for you and/or does awful things to your framerate.
  • The "continue" button should now be disabled in situations where there are no saves to continue.
  • All save files now recorded information on the specs of machine that generated them. This should make it easier for me to debug uploaded saves. Also, I am now much less likely to need to ask you for copies of your "logs" directory when reporting bugs.
  • The rules governing whether or not empires are "in contact" have been patched. Games started after this patch should no longer have phantom "contacted" reports generated for empires that you can see no evidence of on the strategic map.
  • The changes to empire contact rules may cause some strangeness in old saves; this should go away after a few spurious "contact" or "lost contact" notifications.

2015-02-05 - 'stable'
  • Clicking on gas giants during tactical combat should no longer cause a crash. Also, clicking on gas giants in the galaxy map should now bring up a planet description pane, much like for any other world.
  • Loading games from inside a tactical battle should no longer cause an error.
  • Special NPC factions (specifically: pirates and marauders), should no longer lose their fleets when their last colony world is captured/destroyed.
  • The in game text has been improved in various places.
  • The character art being used for the Haduir military and science leaders are now the intended early beta placeholder assets -- which was not the case in prior builds. The same is true for the shields, reactors, and warp-lane amplifier components.
  • Save games from older builds should not be affected by any of these changes.

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