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by etherealblade
Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:55 am
Forum: Testing
Topic: Suggest - Features and Improvements
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Re: Suggest - Features and Improvements

I'm a moo2 fan and I love the artstyle of this game. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this. Of course I had to say this but please devs...feel free to focus on everything else and this obviously dead last. Even if you didn't envision this in your original desire for the game...PWEASE allow it so w...
by etherealblade
Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:15 pm
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Introduce yourself :)
Replies: 97
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Re: Introduce yourself :)

Hello all! I definitely am (pre-order) proud to support this project. I'm a fan of moo2 and other space games like starsector, spaz, srw (unrelated). Why am I so obsessed with planet killers? Well I haven't seen them implemented well since moo2. Any other 4x that had them had horribly noisy interfac...

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